I don’t read newspapers anymore

Posted on 8th March, 2018 | | 11278 Views | Habits, Me, Time

I don’t exactly remember when I stopped reading newspapers. I guess it’s more than 5 years now. It was a good decision and I don’t recall having missed out anything meaningful ever since. Yes, at times it is a bit embarrassing not to be aware of the latest happenings and I am unable to participate […]

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The Challenges I took in Dec’17.

Posted on 3rd January, 2018 | | 2328 Views | Habits, Me

I took few challenges in Dec’17. Here are they :- Learning to draw human face Give me a paint brush and I will make a mess of it, guaranteed. I made horrible drawings during school projects. Never got any better. So, I decided to challenge myself to learn how to draw a human face. The […]

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My Obsession with the ‘to-do list’

Posted on 12th December, 2017 | | 3583 Views | Habits, Me

All my life I have been a ‘to-do list’ guy. It works for me. Even in the current age of digitization, I find maintaining a work diary very useful and effective. So much so that I even designed an executive planner for my own use. It is exciting to see demand for the same is […]

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My Challenges in Nov”2017

Posted on 1st December, 2017 | | 2364 Views | Habits, Me, Self Development

I did a few things differently last month (Nov’17).  I took a few challenges. Here are they.   Having a different breakfast every day It was fun. Initially, it was easy. As days passed, it became challenging.  After two weeks the options really dried up and it became a little inconvenient. Some days I had […]

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Contradicting my own thoughts

Posted on 27th November, 2017 | | 5034 Views | Me

I write every day. Over the years, I have noticed that a lot of my thoughts contradict my earlier writings. This happens on a consistent basis. It is actually quite peaceful to know this and to do this.   I contradict myself because of various reasons. Here are some of my findings:-   Time teaches […]

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