I’m Brijesh. I read. I write. I think. My fundamental belief about life is that ‘You have a Choice‘. Every day, I wake up and ask myself how can I improve my own life and the world around me. I love to learn and also share my thoughts through my writings and speaking. My mission is to spread happiness, infuse positivity among people and motivate one and all to find the purpose of life and achieve it.

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    December 14th, 2019

    My journey is long. The milestones keep me walking.

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    Spend Time with Yourself

    December 12th, 2019

    It was a full moon night. Bare feet, he was walking on the beach. The sand was wet and the weather a little cold. Every time the feet landed on the sand, it provided a calming effect to the mind and soul. The waves looked intimidating from a distance but settled much before his feet. The occasional long wave made him reconsider his idea of venturing a little deeper into the ocean. An hour every day like this was his favourite time-spend with himself. It was like having an appointment with his thoughts in private. During this routine he smiled, he laughed and even cried; unaware of the environment around. And the ritual continued as long as he lived.

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  • Articles

    I don’t read newspapers anymore

    I don’t exactly remember when I stopped reading newspapers. I guess it’s more than 5 years now. It was a good decision and I don’t recall having missed out anything meaningful ever since. Yes, at times it is a bit embarrassing not to be aware of the latest happenings and I am unable to participate […]

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    Posted on 8th March, 2018

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  • Book Reviews (216)

    The Richest Man in Babylon

    Brief about book - A short book with loads of wisdom on how to become wealthy. As the name of the book suggests, the richest man in Babylon shares his secret on how to become rich. We know most of the things told in the book but it will still refresh your mind and reinforce your learning's. I would recommend this book to one and all, specially children and young adults who will get timeless wisdom about creating long term wealth. 

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  • My Books

    Motivational Self Help Book : You Have a Choice by Brijesh Dalmia

    Brief about book - Life is a matter of choices we make every day. Fear is a choice and so is courage. Pain is a choice and so is happiness. Hate is a choice and so is love. Giving up is a choice and so is hope. We can all transform our life by making good choices in life.

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    How to Handle Worries

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    I speak on motivation, self development & leadership.

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