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  • Stay humble

    August 13th, 2020

    Achieving our dream is easy. Staying humble is the difficult part. Even if we are grounded in the beginning, with our rise we may leave the roots. It happens slowly. Overtime, we may even forget our basic principles. And we arrive. Fame, money and growth clouds our vision. Take pause if it’s happening with you. Hold your values. You will have to keep an eye on yourself. Nobody else will help you. Success is welcome. But if it leads to ego, it is worthless. Dream big. Achieve big. Stay humble.

  • Thank them and work on your weakness

    August 12th, 2020

    If you can’t handle criticism, you are not fit to become successful. If you want to keep everyone happy, you are destined to fail. With success comes its own perils. There is a section of crowd which enjoys backbiting and will try to project a bad image of yours. They get a high by doing this. If you get in their trap, you will never be able to escape. Yet, there are people who will give useful feedback to improve. They will show you where you lack. Don’t get upset. Thank them and work on your weakness. It will help you grow further. Your fans are your asset. Even good critics are.

  • Vision is different from success

    August 11th, 2020

    Vision is different from success. You need to decide at the beginning what you want. Whether you have a vision to transform something or your primary objective is name and fame. Maybe, you talk about vision but your intent is recognition and short term monetary benefits. If this is the case, it is not going to work for you. May be you will be called successful in a limited way but it will be far from achieving vision. Differentiating the two things is the starting point which will decide where you will reach.

  • Praise is like a drug

    August 10th, 2020

    Praise is like a drug. If consumed when needed and in right quantity, it helps. If you have it in excessive quantity, it can do more damage than good. Also, it is best when it comes from outside rather than self praise. When you tell your own story without being solicited, people get bored after a while. Yet, when people you impact and inspire speak about you, it spreads like wild fire. While it feels good to get appreciation, it is best to stay indifferent and focus on the good work you do. A little praise can get you going. A lot of it can make you still.

  • They deserve respect

    August 9th, 2020

    Some people are born to endure hardship and pain. Not that they haven’t witnessed happiness and good times but they are not the ones who get things easily. They have to navigate through life the hard way. They have to make an extra effort to make things straight. Still, they make no complains. They endure all this within. This continuous fight with circumstances also makes them strong. In a way, it is a blessing in disguise for them. They don’t want any sympathy. They deserve respect.

  • Break your mindset

    August 8th, 2020

    Many a times, we see the world from where we stand. We create a boundary in our mind. Take a step forward and your vision will multiply. When you grab an opportunity, you get many more. When you begin your journey you might have a destination in mind. As you walk through your way, many more options will come which you could never have imagined had you not taken the first step forward. Break your mindset. Free your vision. Explore. Move forward and an invisible force will lead the way.

  • I will not stop

    August 7th, 2020

    I am not yet there. But I will be. Nobody bets on me. No one pays attention to my vision. At times, I feel so alone. Still, I am carrying on. I haven’t given up on my dream. The road ahead is long. Even if it takes my whole life, I will not stop. Maybe, things won’t work out. Still, I will dedicate my life towards something I believe in. Yes, it will be good to receive some support from others. It will make my journey a little easier. Any which way, I will not stop. People will clap once I reach the summit. But it won’t matter. What matters is; how many of them believe me today.

  • an unknown companion can help you stay on course

    August 6th, 2020

    The suspense of tomorrow kills. It also gives us the reason to live. While we might be excited to know the future, we will lose the excitement if it is revealed to us. Yes, at times we might have sleepless nights as some worries can create a havoc but that’s the price we need to pay for keeping the suspense alive. The efforts we make to have a successful ending will lose its relevance if the result is known beforehand. If we know the future there will be nothing left to achieve. Leave the urge to know it all. Sometimes, an unknown companion can help you stay on course.

  • Keep doing the good work

    August 5th, 2020

    There are benefits if you are good at what you do. You will be called successful. Alot of people will follow you and will try to emulate you. There is also a cost for being the best in your field. Among your followers will be few who will watch your every move with suspicion. They will make it a point to pick your imperfections and highlight it. They will seek attention by criticising you. Have an eye on them and their feedback but don’t give them to much weight. They are not worth your attention. Keep doing the good work. Focus on the many who are inspired, not the few who have selfish interests.

  • Being positive is good

    August 4th, 2020

    Being positive is good but its overdose can become a liability. To remain positive all the time is overrated. The effort to look at everything with optimism can make people irritated when things don’t go their way. Trying to control emotions may not be the right thing. It is perfectly alright to feel differently at different times. A little anger and being upset at times can actually help us keep a good balance in life. Being positive is good. Being obsessed with it is not.

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