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  • Your own evaluation will stay forever

    October 17th, 2019

    The worst disease of humanity has been discovered. It’s been there since ages. It has infected almost everybody at some point of time. It is known as ‘being concerned about self worth in the eyes of other people’. The urge to be known and be famous kills half of the human potential. A lot of effort goes on means to be recognised rather than having absolute focus on what we do best. Everyone is involved but nobody agrees to this. It’s all going to go down the dust. It won’t matter eventually. What will stay forever with you is your own evaluation of yourself.

  • Make it a rule. Bear the pain

    October 16th, 2019

    Make it a rule. Bear the pain. If you are hurt, keep it to yourself. If your pain makes someone uncomfortable and sad, it is better to keep it a secret. If at all it becomes unbearable and you want to share it with someone, do it with only a handful of people. May be even less. None is still better. It requires a lot of courage. Some people have it. You would never know because they won’t tell you. And so, never judge people around. They may be fighting a lone battle which consumes their day and night. All they want is that someone would look into their eyes and tell them silently, things will be better. That’s all they need to forget their pain for a few moment.

  • Painful experiences

    October 15th, 2019

    It is best not to uncover everything. Sometimes, in search of truth, things can lead to painful experiences. There could be a lot of dirt under the white camouflage. Transparency is good but if it leads to nakedness, it may be better to avoid it. It is not always a good idea to embarrass someone on the pretext of wrongdoing. It is important to give benefit of doubt even when you are sure. Sometimes, it is important to ignore any confrontation even if you are the aggrieved party. It’s not always about taking the right side. Sometimes, you can right the person by hiding his wrong.

  • Everything depletes with time

    October 14th, 2019

    A good reputation can sometimes be a bad thing. People can become obsessive with their image so much that they can go to any extreme to protect it. Their brand can become counter productive. They start playing safe. They caught public attention because of their good work in the past but in order to protect their Goodwill, they shift their focus from quality work to managing their previous accomplishments. If this be the case, it won’t last long. Everything depletes with time. The best way to manage your reputation is to keep building it through good work continuously. Past is just a reference. We need real hard work in the future to protect the legacy of the past.

  • Walk straight

    October 13th, 2019

    Doing the same thing over and over again makes us an expert. If you pursue singing and practice it day and night, you may become the world’s best one day. If you read all the time, you can become the wisest man on Earth. If you spend all your time in solving the problems of the world, you can become the greatest leader history has ever produced. The key is to identify your mission early so that you have necessary time to pursue it. You will always be in two minds whether your chosen pursuit is the right thing for you. Still, you have to freeze it. Once the path is clear, all you have to do is walk straight.

  • Life is not just about winning or losing

    October 12th, 2019

    I am not sure what life holds ahead for me. I am not interested in knowing. The suspense is good. When I take up a project I give my blood to it, unaware of how things will shape up. Sometimes, I fail miserably. That’s alright. My job is to try. What’s fires me up are times when I defied people’s opinion of something which was called impossible. Had I known it before, I would have never tried. At times, I feel like giving up. But I hold myself up. Life is not just about winning or losing. It’s about respecting my existence.

  • Life is a zero sum game

    October 11th, 2019

    Life is a zero sum game. We may not realise it but it’s calculations are perfect. It closes the account without any pending account. It doesn’t give any justification for it’s accounting but it factors everything. We get good points for things we do right and withdrawals are made when we make wrong choices. We get thumbs up for helping people around but penalised when we hurt someone. The duration of happiness and pain in our lives are nothing but rewards and penalties. Sometimes, a few good choices give us lifelong happiness. Sometimes, one bad call gives us lifetime pains.

  • Live a life

    October 10th, 2019

    The skies were clear. The sun was visible almost after a week. Sitting under the sun with closed eyes, he was thinking about his life gone by. There was so much of struggle in the early days. Yet, his hard work paid off when he sold his company for a large sum which he donated in full to a charity which took care of children needing special care. People expected him to create another successful enterprise. He didn’t. He quit, never to come back again. There was no urge to prove anyone anything again. He was happy teaching in his local town. What he earned was sufficient for his living. He opened his eyes. He looked satisfied. He lived his life the way he dreamed it.

  • Be a good listener

    October 9th, 2019

    Not knowing everything is a bliss. It is sometimes very peaceful to participate in a discussion where others are talking and I am just a listener. The reason being my complete ignorance on the subject. I have learned the hard way that speaking without knowledge is certain to reveal my shallow understanding of the matter. And so, I keep my mouth shut. It actually works in my favor. This way, people like my listening skills. I can cover my ignorance too because if I speak they will know my depth. The biggest advantage is that; it allows me to learn by listening with intent to learn. Ignorance can be put to good use too. It can lead to wisdom.

  • Cut your ego

    October 8th, 2019

    Far many people live a sub optimal life just because they are unable to accept defeat. They want to win every battle they fight and so they are left with no energy when they go to war where they are beaten hands down. Sometimes, it is important to strengthen your army by collaborating rather than winning. At other times, there is no harm in conserving your resources by acknowledging when the opposition is proven stronger. The only fight worth winning is against our own ego. If losing cuts your ego, losing is good.

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