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  • Trust people

    February 18th, 2019

    Try this. This is effortless and gives extraordinary results. Trust people and deal with them as a lifelong partner. A few of them will not come upto your expectations. They will try to take advantage of your trust. Cut your ties with them and find their replacement. Also, don’t try to squeeze the other person. Leave the juice on the table so that are motivated to work for you. When you apply these principles, you will grow at breakneck speed. You will also have a lot of free time. The key to growth is few lifelong relationships rather than many fragile ones.

  • Practice silent giving

    February 17th, 2019

    The real power of ‘Giving’ is in remaining anonymous. There is no need to highlight the sacred act of helping someone. The power of giving reduces when we try to encash it by garnering appreciation for our deed. There could be logic and justification to make our contribution public but it is the intent behind that matters. If we do it for the claps, we become the beneficiary and in that case the whole purpose of giving loses its essence. Practice silent giving. Once you do it a few times, you will feel like becoming the recipient.

  • I want peace

    February 16th, 2019

    I am bestowed with power and with it comes responsibility. I want peace but they are adamant on war. I am applying restrain but they are testing my resilience. If I lose control they will all burn to ashes. I am giving them opportunity to correct their act but it seems they have taken it as my weakness. They hit me and think they are smart. They don’t understand; if I touch them, they will vanish. I think it’s time to teach them a lesson. They have crossed the boundary again and from now on their land will become a part of our own.

  • What is right and wrong

    February 15th, 2019

    I like attention. I know how to steal the limelight. I like my name to be called first. I want to sit in the front row. I push people to give me a favorable treatment. When others look at me with their eyebrows raised, I get a kick. All of this doesn’t come easy. Sometimes, I have to cook things up. A few times, I disguised my actual personality. At times, I even manipulated people to highlight myself. At the moment it’s all going as planned. Who cares about what is right and wrong. It’s the branding that matters.

  • I am holding it back

    February 14th, 2019

    I am holding it back. I am not sure how long I can keep it inside. They won’t understand what I am going through. I tried to explain before. No one paid attention. I was hurt even more. Not that I wanted their sympathy but I expected them to have empathy. I was wrong. It’s a selfish world. And so, I decided to hide it; my feelings. Now I fake my smile. I weep inside but I laugh out so loud that no one can hear my cry. At times, it’s difficult and I want to share it with someone. But I find no one I can confide. I have now closed the doors. They can’t come in and hurt me anymore.

  • Don’t give excuses

    February 13th, 2019

    The big question to ask is ‘Who am I’? You may convince me with your beautiful words but that is not going to help you. The important thing is to answer yourself. Don’t give excuses about your limitations or I will give examples of many who faced bigger challenges than you and still transformed their lives. It’s time you take control of your life. It’s time to set yourself free from everything that stops you. Don’t let the comfort of life hold you back from using your true potential. If my words inspire you, you need to pay me back by making your life an inspiration for many.

  • Life is all about knowing what to do more

    February 12th, 2019

    Eat less, exercise more. Read more, talk less. Love more, hate less. Sleep more, worry less. Commit less, act more. Inspire more, criticize less. Acquire less, share more. Spend less, learn more. Fight less, laugh more. Appreciate more, complain less. Life is all about knowing what to do more and what to cut off. Once you know it, it’s all about doing it.

  • Create something which will outlive you

    February 11th, 2019

    Water finds its level on its own. Similarly, your creation will find the audience on its own merit. If the product is not useful, no matter how much promotion is done; it will eventually fail. So, put your entire energy to produce something remarkable. Don’t apply shortcuts. Don’t cut corners. Strategies and marketing can give short term results. Quality and usefulness are self sustaining in the long run. Forget your own benefit. Create something which will outlive you.

  • This is quite amusing

    February 10th, 2019

    This is quite amusing. We want to go east but choose west because they want us to follow them. We want to adopt simplicity but buy luxury because it gives us a standing in society. We want to play music but sell steel because that’s what makes us successful in the eyes of people. We want to read philosophy but do masters in electronics because that’s what gives us the job. We are all the same but prefer to call ourselves different because that lifts our ego. We talk about courage but are scared to choose a life of our own choice.

  • Self made people are different

    February 9th, 2019

    Self made people are different. More so, if they are humble. If you happen to get an opportunity to engage with them, cancel all your commitments and be with them. They speak words of wisdom. They will fill you with optimism. They tell you your real worth. They will believe in you more than you do yourself. Since they reached high they will motivate you to aim higher. When you meet them they will fire you up. Never let this fire extinguish. They won’t ask you for anything but you must pay them back by proving right their belief in you,

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