Speaking Topics

  • You Have a Choice

    Human life is the greatest gift of God. Our choices define what we make out of our lives. In this signature program of mine, I talk about the power of choice that we have. It will make you reflect upon your response to various situations in your own day to day life, manage your emotions and handle people around and the outer world at large in a better way. All in all, it’s a powerful, mesmerizing and refreshing talk which will open new paradigms of thinking on living a more fulfilling life – both personally and professionally.

  • The Orange Cap

    In a world of 7 billion people, the competition is intense. Everyone is running to get more success and better rewards. In this talk, I reveal the differentiating factor of winners and how you can take the leap to grow grow to the highest level.

  • Secrets of Super Achievers

    There are achievers and then there are super achievers. Are they born? Or can they be made? In this talk, I discuss about the key attributes of super achievers by giving real life examples and suggests that anyone can reach the pinnacle by harnessing such qualities.

  • 11 Ideas to redefine your life

    In this fast paced world we all seem to be in a hurry. In this highly impactput program, I talk about 11 ideas that can create a new paradigm of thinking and allow you to re-define your life meaningfully. I believe that rather than searching for ‘more in life’, we shhould focus on ‘more of life’.

  • Corporate Workshops & Speaking

    I mostly talk on personal growth, motivation and leadership. If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your conference/team, do get in touch and I can customize a talk around your requirement.