5 Books to start your reading habit

Posted on 4th September, 2017 | | 13780 Views | Self Development

Are you planning to develop your reading habit but don’t know where to start and which books to read? This post is exactly for that. I filtered my entire library and selected 5 books I would recommend to a beginner. To identify top 5 books out of hundreds of top rated books was not easy. The basis of my selection was:-

  • Not a very long read
  • Not too heavy to grasp
  • Combination of fiction, non-fiction, self help & health


1. How to Win Friends & Influence People

by Dale Carnegie | Category : Self Help | My recommendation: 10 / 10 | No. of Pages : 304

Brief review: This is one of the best books I have ever read. Through his golden words and tips, Dale Carnegie gives you the recipe of making great friends, become popular among people, arouse others interest in you, become a better salesman, increase your income and making your life happier. Read it cover to cover.

2. Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho | Category : Fiction | My recommendation: 10 / 10 | No. of Pages : 180

Brief review: It’s about the journey of a boy in search of a treasure. A gripping story which you will finish in one sitting. It gives subtle life lessons too. It will make you believe in the power of dreams and that you should listen to your heart. A must read for all. It’s an international bestseller. One of the best books you could read in the fiction category.

3. Fit For Life 

by Harvey Diamond | Category : Health | My recommendation: 10 / 10 | No. of Pages : 416

Brief review: A must read for all who are looking to prevent illness and live a healthy life. Harvey explains the composition of human body in simple language and how we can take care of our body by eating right. You would perhaps not find a simpler book on health than this. I would recommend to read cover to cover for best results.

4. 7 Habits of highly effective people

by Stephen R Covey | Category : Self Help | My recommendation: 10 / 10 | No. of Pages : 432

Brief review: This book is considered to be the blueprint of personal development ever since its publication in 1988. The 7 principles mentioned in the book will not only improve the quality of your personal life but also assist greatly in your workplace, business and leadership. I read this book a decade ago and the learning’s still seems fresh. I will highly recommend this book to everyone.

5. Outliers 

by Malcolm Gladwell | Category : Non-Fiction | My recommendation: 10 / 10 | No. of Pages : 320

Brief review: In this brilliant book, Gladwell examines the factors that contribute to high levels of success. He suggests that apart from strength and perseverance, a lot of other subtle factors play an important role, like; family, culture, upbringing, environment around, etc. He explains why Asians are good at math, what are the secret of software billionaires and how can you become a great soccer player. All in all, a fascinating book.


Get Started

A typical book is around 300 pages. Even if you commit yourself to read 10 pages a day, you can finish a book every month. That will be 12 books in a year. Not bad at all for a starter. All you need is discipline. Fix a reading time every day. Over the months, take it to 20 pages a day and then 30 pages a day. The moment you hit 30, you will end up reading 36 books in a year. Isn’t that great?

Happy Reading!!


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