Thought of the Day

  • April 11th, 2024

    Being fast and effective are two different things.

  • April 10th, 2024

    A little more discipline makes an extraordinary man.

  • April 9th, 2024

    If you can’t take a month off from work, you are a slave at work.

  • April 7th, 2024

    Delay in gratification is an early sign of success.

  • April 6th, 2024

    People are smart or stupid is proven when they speak.

  • April 5th, 2024

    You can either care what people say about you or build your life so large that inspires everyone.

  • April 4th, 2024
    Being a good person is the most effective marketing campaign.

  • April 3rd, 2024

    We don’t choose our birth but definitely have control on what we make out of our life.

  • April 2nd, 2024

    Learn as if you are a fool and you will soon turn out to be smart.

  • March 31st, 2024

    In the long term, short term doesn’t matter.

  • March 30th, 2024

    We could achieve a lot only if we feared less.

  • March 28th, 2024

    Fairness yields good is a belief system.

  • March 27th, 2024

    People who show, hide even more.

  • March 26th, 2024

    Nobody hurts us. We choose to get hurt.

  • March 25th, 2024

    Things are quite clear. We chose to close our eyes.

  • March 24th, 2024

    There are things I am stubborn about. These are things I am passionate about.

  • March 23rd, 2024

    A complete life is a myth.

  • March 22nd, 2024

    Initially, self promotion is exciting. Later on, being followed becomes a liability.

  • March 21st, 2024

    True loyalty is not dependent on another person’s loyalty.

  • March 20th, 2024

    Giving up is not always a sign of weakness. Sometimes, it may means giving up your ego.

  • March 19th, 2024

    Speak not to defend yourself but to protect others.

  • March 17th, 2024

    Time keeps account of everything and returns every investment with compounding effect.

  • March 16th, 2024

    Struggle of the past become memories of the future.

  • March 15th, 2024

    Action taken on complains results in great feedbacks.

  • March 14th, 2024

    Winning is not always about scores. Giving your best is no less.

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