Contradicting my own thoughts

Posted on 27th November, 2017 | | 4344 Views | Me

I write every day. Over the years, I have noticed that a lot of my thoughts contradict my earlier writings. This happens on a consistent basis. It is actually quite peaceful to know this and to do this.


I contradict myself because of various reasons. Here are some of my findings:-


  • Time teaches like nothing else. With time I am learning and my views change because of the new perspectives I get.
  • Sometimes, contradiction happens because the underlying context of my thought is different.
  • When I am experiencing a different mood (happy, sad, excited, dull, optimist, pessimist), my thoughts change and it reflects in my writings.


I write because it gives me freedom to express my thoughts. My objective is not to preach or get endorsement of the world about my opinions but to know myself. I write as if I am the audience. It’s been quite rewarding this way.


Having said that, I am aware that a lot of people do read my blogs and when I contradict my earlier thoughts, in a way I expose myself to them. Why should someone be interested in me or pay attention to my ideas and thoughts if I keep changing them? Well, it doesn’t disturb me because I don’t push my thoughts on people. I don’t insist the reader to apply my theory and beliefs. I don’t have a point to prove. It is for the reader to form their own opinions. I simply provide them food for thought and it is upon them to reach their own conclusions.


The entire essence of my writings will be lost if I restrict myself to a particular idea. When I write, I seldom refer to what I wrote before. My current writings are my current thoughts. They are fresh. I call it every day learning and everyday living.


Initially, this flow was difficult. There was always an urge to support the previous argument for which I stood for. I guess I have been able to go past this barrier. Sometimes during discussions, I do take a stand but mostly I don’t defend my thoughts. I like to listen and know the other person’s perspective.


I make no claim about my knowledge and opinions. I simply observe myself and the world around me. Writing gives me peace. Contradiction gives me clarity. It’s my way to knowing myself.


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