My Challenges in Nov”2017

Posted on 1st December, 2017 | | 2276 Views | Habits, Me, Self Development

I did a few things differently last month (Nov’17).  I took a few challenges. Here are they.


Having a different breakfast every day

It was fun. Initially, it was easy. As days passed, it became challenging.  After two weeks the options really dried up and it became a little inconvenient. Some days I had to go out to a restaurant or a cafe to eat a different meal. It sounded easy in the beginning but it wasn’t. From a fruit platter to just veggies, from idli’s to sandwiches; I ate 30 different breakfasts. I am definitely going to try this again sometime later.


Wearing different clothes every day

Gosh! I have enough clothes to last a few years even if I don’t buy a new one. Though, I tried to plan this in advance so that I could wear formal clothes on work days and other stuff on weekends, etc., it became messy in between. Some old clothes I targeted didn’t fit in the last moment and some were worn off. Eventually, I managed it. Some days I looked funny. People noticed and questioned my outfit. I also was surprised that I stocked so much of clothes which I never worn in the last few years.


Watching a movie every day

This was going to be difficult as I needed to carve out a few hours every day. I chose the night time but occasionally when I had a social engagement in the evening, I even watched a movie in the afternoon on a working weekday. On one occasion, I watched a thriller first thing in the morning as the entire day was packed in advance. I hit the theatres a few times and watched a few on HBO’s, but mostly, the credit goes to Netflix and Amazon Prime. They have an amazing collection. I recorded a few movies on my mobile phone for the days I had to travel.  It was easy in the end.


Saying ‘Thank You’ to someone every day

As I looked back on my life, I found so many people who helped me in some way or the other. I thought to express my gratitude to them for making a difference in my life. Every day, I thanked one such person in my life. It was such a humbling experience. It also made my resolve stronger to help someone in some way, every day.


Reading 7 books in 7 days

I read 7 books in 7 days. It was a good experience. I prepared myself a week in advance. I knew it would require a lot of time (typically it takes 3-8 hours to read a book). So, I did a few adjustments to my daily routine. I cut down on my meetings which could be postponed and I scheduled only the most important works on my list for the week. I selected different genres of book to keep it interesting. I realized it’s all in the mind. If we mentally commit to something, we have the power to achieve it.


What’s the purpose of doing it all?

Honestly, I don’t know. I am just exploring and experiencing. May be, it will culminate into something at a later time. May be, it will inspire others to experiment with their life. May be, it will encourage others to find more time to pursue different things. One of the possibilities is that it will allow me to take up more challenging things in life and the perception of things being tough changes to be easy.


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