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I don’t read newspapers anymore

Posted on 8th March, 2018 | | 10928 Views | Habits, Me, Time

I don’t exactly remember when I stopped reading newspapers. I guess it’s more than 5 years now. It was a good decision and I don’t recall having missed out anything meaningful ever since. Yes, at times it is a bit embarrassing not to be aware of the latest happenings and I am unable to participate […]

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Reverse Time Management

Posted on 1st October, 2017 | | 1856 Views | Self Development, Time

A few years ago, I gave a talk on `11 Ideas to redefine your life’ to a group of business people & professionals. During the QnA, one gentleman asked me, ‘How do I find more time for my family’?   I still remember my response: ‘It’s about prioritizing what we want out of life. We […]

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How I took off on Wednesday’s

Posted on 22nd August, 2017 | | 2371 Views | Self Development, Time

A few years back I decided to start taking leave from work on Wednesday’s. Saturday and Sundays were anyways off. That’s four days of work every week. It was difficult to manage in the beginning but I tried to stick to it on and off. Now, it’s kind of set. The rule is; if I […]

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To live long, slow it down

Posted on 16th August, 2017 | | 4960 Views | Self Development, Time

We all are blessed to have a human life. However, it is not going to last forever. So, why not live it full. Why not live it long. Think about it this way. We all are on a journey called life. It will end once we travel a certain distance. Now, the choice is really […]

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I am a slave

Posted on 2nd August, 2017 | | 2469 Views | Life, Time

I can’t believe it. Recently, while introspecting; a disturbing thought struck me hard. It came upon me that I am becoming a slave of time. And I hate to admit this. No matter how hard I tried to throw this thought away, it remained. May be because, this was the truth. I realized there is […]

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