The Challenges I took in Dec’17.

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I took few challenges in Dec’17. Here are they :-

Learning to draw human face
Give me a paint brush and I will make a mess of it, guaranteed. I made horrible drawings during school projects. Never got any better. So, I decided to challenge myself to learn how to draw a human face. The first few days went by just thinking from where to start sketching. Then I googled few websites and I found excellent tutorials. It took some time but I understood the concept of drawing a human face. Well, nothing to showcase my art but I feel proud of my accomplishment!

Going to same café for breakfast everyday for a week
This was interesting. I chose a week in Dec’17 (15-21st Dec) and went to a particular café every day and had my breakfast there. Mostly sat on the same table too. It was an awesome experience. I will strongly recommend you to try this once.

Reading two books in a day
I decided to read two books in a day just to break the barrier of ‘what can’t be done’. Reading one book a month could be difficult in the beginning but when you do it, it seems no more of a challenge. If you ever read a book in a day, you can easily repeat it another time. It enhances your brain power and ability to see difficulty from the different perspective – Yeah, it can be done. I read the following two books on 20th Dec’17. (1) The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader – by John Maxwell (2) How you can be more interesting – by Edwared De Bono

Things I am grateful to
Life is so beautiful. There are ups and down but mostly, we are blessed. In the chaos of day to day life we forget things that we are grateful to. So, I decided to write one thing for which I am grateful to. At the end of the month, I had 31 things to be grateful about. I am sure, in times when I feel low, this list will lift my spirits up.


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