6 questions to ask daily

Posted on 12th October, 2017 | | 1745 Views | Self Development

Life is becoming fast. Let’s pause for a moment and examine our life. It will be worthwhile to ask these 6 questions every day to ensure that we are on the right track.     Did I exercise today? Everyone knows that health is wealth but in the midst of our busy schedule, giving time […]

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How I progressed? Week #1

Posted on 8th October, 2017 | | 1653 Views | Me, Motivation, Self Development

I took up 4 challenges for the month of Oct’17. Here is how I progressed.   Challenge # 1 :  I will call a friend every day Done. I called 7 friends in the last week. It was nice. Some of them were childhood friends but as it happened, we didn’t speak in the last […]

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A father’s message to his son

Posted on 4th October, 2017 | | 3408 Views | Family, Self Development

# 1 Take care of health. Give an hour to body every day, no matter what. # 2 Read daily. 2 hours a day is good. 4 will be still better. # 3 Spend time with family. Take care of family. Remember, family comes first. # 4 Be honest. Even in tough times, be strong […]

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Reverse Time Management

Posted on 1st October, 2017 | | 1725 Views | Self Development, Time

A few years ago, I gave a talk on `11 Ideas to redefine your life’ to a group of business people & professionals. During the QnA, one gentleman asked me, ‘How do I find more time for my family’?   I still remember my response: ‘It’s about prioritizing what we want out of life. We […]

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I am taking up 4 challenges in Oct’2017

Posted on 29th September, 2017 | | 1355 Views | Habits, Self Development

I am trying something different this October. I am taking up 4 challenges during the month. Well, actually they are not challenges. It has mostly to do with discipline. Here are they:-   Challenge # 1 :  I will call a friend every day Over the years I made so many good friendships. It’s time […]

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