When you lose the fear of losing, you are close to ‘Winning’

Posted on 29th July, 2015 | | 1674 Views | Motivation

If you are not afraid to lose, nobody can defeat you. The fear of losing shifts the focus from giving our best to the negative thought of losing.

We generally like to win. It’s not bad. But what about the opposite to this. What about losing the fear of losing which also brings you closer to winning.

Fear stems from being defensive, pressure of performance, high expectations of people around us, or it can be the thought of losing a near one. When you embrace loss as a part of life and derive strength from it, it actually empowers you to move forward. When the focus is to deliver your best rather than fear the loss, you actually reach closer to winning. This is because when you don’t fear to lose, you play to win and mostly you do win.

Whether it is personal relationships, business deals or competitive sports; if you give your best without being afraid to lose, you come a step closer to stronger relationships, win-win deals and setting newer benchmark in sports.

Give your best, embrace loss as part of life, and win the fear.

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