To live long, slow it down

Posted on 16th August, 2017 | | 5012 Views | Self Development, Time

We all are blessed to have a human life. However, it is not going to last forever. So, why not live it full. Why not live it long.

Think about it this way. We all are on a journey called life. It will end once we travel a certain distance. Now, the choice is really ours. One way is to run towards the end and reach their fast. The other option is to walk slow, sit down at times to watch the view, enjoy the ride and take our own sweet time to cover the distance. This way, we can have more time to live and enjoy it too.

We have a choice. To be fast all the time and a year will pass like a month, or live slow as if time has stopped and we can live a year in a month. By opting the second way of living life, we can spend more time enjoying the journey of life rather than speeding away to the end.

Take time to eat your food. Spend time with the ones you love.  Go to work with your watch but while with self and dear ones, forget the timelines.

Don’t rate effectiveness by how much money you make on each activity. Learning a new gadget, cooking a meal, dropping your kid to school, reading a book to your dad, etc. can be a good way to slow things down and yet be happier.

The point is; to live long, we must slow it down.

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One Response to To live long, slow it down

  1. Vinay Kumar Laxman says:
    August 17, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Very true…we should slow down

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