I love critics

Posted on 2nd October, 2015 | | 1061 Views | Self Development

Let me admit it straight up. I don’t like criticism. I never did. It kills me apart when someone talks negative about me or has a piece of advice for me to do things in a better way, as if I don’t know.

But as they say; life is a good teacher. Today, when I look back I find how stupid I was with so many things I did in the past. There were people who warned me, criticised me and gave me their unsolicited advice. I would often react strongly or play defensive. Mostly, I paid heed to nothing. I went my way. Though I am happy where I am today but I guess I took the long path. There was a shorter way right in front of me which I missed; the path of being able to handle brutal criticism and learn from it.

Having known this, I never ignore my critics now. In fact, I get excited when someone raises a question or suggests a better way to do things. While I may not act on every suggestion, feedback or criticism but I analyse it closely. I may reject many of them but I never neglect. Now when my critics talk, I don’t react. I listen.

Not many things in life are free these days. I love critics. They help me improve and they don’t charge me a penny.

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