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  • The Thoughtful Investor

    By: Basant Maheshwari   

    Pages: 426


    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: 14th Sep'2021

    Brief review: Basant Maheshwari is a self-made billionaire investor from India who learned it all after losing everything in the stock market during the early years of his life. The author gives a step by a step action plan, data points, and ratio analysis to differentiate between a great investing idea vs an average stock. The book is quite exhaustive from an Indian stock picker's point of view giving examples of Indian stocks. Among many books written on fundamental analysis, this one is one of the simplest.

  • Principles

    By: Ray Dalio   

    Pages: 552

    Investments, Self Help

    My recommendation: 9 / 10

    Date read: 10th Aug'2021

    Brief review: As the name of the book suggests, it talks about principles to follow in life, work, and investing. Ray Dalio founded the world's largest hedge fund 'Bridgewater'. He is an extraordinary individual who started his journey from a two-bedroom apartment and reached the pinnacle, in personal and professional life. A few key messages in the book are, build what you want to use. Do one thing great, not many things average. Make a small to-do list. Whether you are starting out in your life or a seasoned professional, this book has to offer something which you won't get anywhere else. The first half of the book was really nice and it got a little preachy in the second half. I will recommend this book to all.

  • The Joys of Compounding

    By: Gautam Baid   

    Pages: 403


    My recommendation: 9 / 10

    Date read: 25th July 2021

    Brief review: There are hundreds of books written on investments and the magic of compounding. This book kind of summarises the wisdom of Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, and few others. Though I found no new ideas of the author himself,  if you haven't read much of others, this book shall give you a concise version of what the experts have to say regarding wealth creation, pitfalls to avoid, and life lessons too. It is worth reading if you want all the wisdom of the investment world combined into one single book.

  • Richer, Wiser, Happier

    By: William Green   

    Pages: 280


    My recommendation: 10 / 10

    Date read: 18th July 2021

    Brief review: The book peeps into the lives and strategies of some of the world's super investors and tries to decode their success mantras. Though every individual is different, their wealth creation strategy is pretty much the same. Having a concentrated portfolio, buying cheap, and holding for the very long term. I particularly liked the personal lifestyle of all these investors and fund managers, their early life and beliefs which helped them become worldwide celebrities in investing. William Green is an outstanding journalist and author. If you want to get some useful ideas into investing, do read this book.

  • The Most Important Thing

    By: Howard Marks   

    Pages: 180


    My recommendation: 10 / 10

    Date read: 23rd June'2021

    Brief review: Howard Marks is the chairman and co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management which manages assets over $100 billion. Over the years he has given wise advice through his famous 'memos' to investors in which he often mentions 'the most important thing' which investors should do in order to achieve good investment performance. He finally summed up all his advice in this book. It is a book every investor and investment professional should read. If one can follow his advice, it will surely bring in better rewards. 

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