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  • The Psychology of Money

    By: Morgan Housel   

    Pages: 238

    Business, Investments

    My recommendation: 10 / 10

    Date read: 4th Feb'2021

    Brief review: It is one of the finest books I have read on managing money which has a lot to do with one's behavior. Morgan Housel shares his own journey of wealth creation as well as his experiences and learnings along the way. It is truly timeless. Morgan suggests that we need to follow a simple strategy rather than being hyperactive while handling our money. He says, even being average can make us wealthy and supports his view with real examples. It is not just a business book. Apart from money, it gives a solid perspective on living a happy life and its relationship with money. It is a simple and easy read. Everyone must read this one.

  • Rework

    By: Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson   

    Pages: 271


    My recommendation: 10 / 10

    Date read: 20th Jan'2021

    Brief review: Simply brilliant. Written by successful entrepreneurs, it is filled with practical ideas that will encourage you to make meaningful changes you should make in your own life and at work. Some of the advice given in the book will seem radical, yet you will wonder why you never thought that way. Do less. Say no more often. Meetings are toxic. Long to-do lists don't get done. Make tiny decisions. Underdo your competition. Speed changes everything, and many other small bites make it a very interesting read. Though it is classified as a business book, it should be read by everyone.

  • The Seven-Day Weekend

    By: Ricardo Semlar   

    Pages: 275


    My recommendation: 9 / 10

    Date read: 8th April'2020

    Brief review: Ricardo Semler is a Brazilian businessman who transformed his company, Semco Partners, by growing over 40 times over a few decades while enjoying a lot of free time himself and creating a working architecture that gives a lot of freedom and flexibility to employees. His ideas are radical; like, allowing employees to fix their own salaries, anybody can sit anywhere, new hiring is interviewed by a group of existing employees who may not hold senior management positions, etc. The first impression of a reader would be - oh! this won't work at my company. Yet, it offers meaningful insight into human behavior and how we can enjoy our personal life while achieving great results for the company as a whole. A very interesting read.

  • The Outsiders

    By: William N Thorndike   

    Pages: 272


    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: 10th Apr'2019

    Brief review: The book is about 8 unconventional CEOs who transformed their companies and created extraordinary wealth for shareholders. Mostly unheard (except Warren Buffet), these CEOs were great at capital allocation, shunned media attention and extremely conservative while acquiring other companies. They lead companies like General Cinema, Ralston Purina, The Washington Post Company, Berkshire Hathaway, General Dynamics, Capital Cities Broadcasting, TCI, and Teledyne. While the book is filled with ratios and numbers which made it a little boring at times, I got some great ideas reading it. A well researched book. If you are a business owner or wanting to start your own company in the near future, you should read this one.

  • Bad Blood

    By: John Carreyrou   

    Pages: 320

    Business, Non Fiction

    My recommendation: 10 / 10

    Date read: 30th Mar'19

    Brief review: It is one of the most thrilling fictional stories you would ever read, the only caveat being; it's not fictional. It's a story of boom to bust. It's about a 19 year old Stanford dropout girl, Elizabeth Holmes who founded a blood testing startup company called Theranos in the year 2003. Theranos claimed to do hundreds of blood tests from a tiny drop of blood. At it's pick, the valuation of the company reached a mind boggling figure of $9 billion. However, the company went out of business shortly after as it was all built on false premises and revolved around the charm and charisma of Elizabeth. The investors included prominent names like Rupert Murdoch and others. Elizabeth and Theranos got worldwide attention from start to finish. The author did a commendable job by putting it all in a fascinating story which I found unputdownable. A must read.

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