History (2)

  • Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind

    By: Yuval Noah Harari   

    Pages: 466


    My recommendation: 10 / 10

    Date read: 24th Feb'18

    Brief review: A brilliant insight into the history of humankind. A synopsis of how the human species progressed right from the beginning to the current day world. Looking back at history, it seems (surprisingly) we are currently in the most peaceful era of humankind. Because of rapid scientific and technological advancement, humans may be at the cusp of overcoming 'natural selection' and become God. A masterpiece by Yuval Noah Harari. If you have interest in the evolution of human species, history of mankind and the possible future that lie ahead; this book will serve your purpose quite well. It's a long but a worthy read. 

  • The Trial & Death of Socrates

    By: Plato   

    Pages: 115


    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: 7th Nov'17

    Brief review: Socrates is considered to be the wisest man ever lived. Plato was a student of Socrates. The book is a narrative of 'four dialogues'- Euthyphro, Apology, Crito and Phaedo - which were the themes evoked by the trial and death of Socrates. The teaching of Socrates is full of wisdom. The book is one of my favorites. Read it slow and you need yourself to immerse into it to understand the thoughts and gain from the wisdom of Socrates.

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