Thought of the Day

  • August 3rd, 2021

    The closest way to predict the future is to take a hint from history.

  • August 2nd, 2021

    There is no need to ask anyone. All the answers lie within.

  • August 1st, 2021

    When I stopped talking about them, they starting talking about me.

  • July 31st, 2021

    Nobody likes struggles. Yet, they make us stronger and give hope for the future.

  • July 30th, 2021

    Only when you think beyond yourself, you will go beyond.

  • July 29th, 2021

    An imperfect life is a perfect example of perfection.

  • July 28th, 2021

    If you know what you want, you are already rich.

  • July 27th, 2021

    Words reveal ignorance.

  • July 26th, 2021

    I don’t manage emotions. I flow with them.

  • July 25th, 2021

    History tells us the truth but we prefer to live on hope.

  • July 24th, 2021

    Keeping mouth shut is the toughest thing to do. The easiest is to open it.

  • July 23rd, 2021

    People have a lot of ideas but a lot less courage.

  • July 22nd, 2021

    The ability to think long term is a great skill.

  • July 21st, 2021

    Hope is a good thing. Sometimes, change is better.

  • July 20th, 2021

    I do what I feel is right. Logic and rationality is way down the order.

  • July 19th, 2021

    Reflect upon your past. You will know the future.

  • July 18th, 2021

    The answers lie in the open. We just need clarity in the vision.

  • July 17th, 2021

    Silence is the new diamond.

  • July 16th, 2021

    Developing good traits or copying them is one and the same thing as far as you have good traits.

  • July 15th, 2021

    The courage to change changes the circumstances.

  • July 14th, 2021

    It is not easy to handle free time.

  • July 13th, 2021

    Some people live with control. I flow with imagination.

  • July 12th, 2021

    A lot of humility and a bit of ego is a perfect combination.

  • July 11th, 2021

    Pain is the most effective source of inspiration.

  • July 10th, 2021

    It is easy to be famous and difficult to be useful.

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