Thought of the Day

  • July 9th, 2021

    We can never motivate others unless we are self motivated.

  • July 8th, 2021

    Don’t scratch my back and expect I will scratch yours. I won’t.

  • July 7th, 2021

    The combination of patience and risk taking ability is lethal.

  • July 6th, 2021

    Procrastination is the biggest time eater. Stay clear of it.

  • July 5th, 2021

    Nobody stops you from being the best in what you do.

  • July 4th, 2021

    You see the calmness in me. I see the hurricane inside.

  • July 3rd, 2021

    Never forget the person who changed your life. To stay on course is the best payback you can give to that person.

  • July 2nd, 2021

    I want to live in a place which is above the ‘right and the wrong’.

  • July 1st, 2021

    It is not the height but the ladder you use that defines your ultimate success.

  • June 30th, 2021

    I am at my best when I am vulnerable.

  • June 29th, 2021

    I am writing my story so that I love reading it afterwards.

  • June 28th, 2021

    Need for wealth is replaced by need for health in the long term.

  • June 27th, 2021

    The problem lies in our own actions, not the way the world functions.

  • June 26th, 2021

    Being hungry for knowledge in itself is a proof that you have become wise.

  • June 25th, 2021

    The future of this life holds potential that is bigger than all your previous lives.

  • June 24th, 2021

    Being free is easy. Being guilt free about it is the real freedom.

  • June 23rd, 2021

    I am busy with myself. It’s a good busi-ness.

  • June 22nd, 2021

    Worry is like a worm. It multiplies fast if you feed it.

  • June 21st, 2021

    The good things compound and also the not so good things. Beware what you do.

  • June 20th, 2021

    Revenge is easy. Forgiveness is tough.

  • June 19th, 2021

    A one sided deal is eventually bad for both sides.

  • June 18th, 2021

    A fool can love more intensely.

  • June 17th, 2021

    The solution to confusion is to say No.

  • June 16th, 2021

    Glory comes to people who are not running after it.

  • June 15th, 2021

    Even when you don’t find the way, walk anyway.

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