Thought of the Day

  • August 28th, 2021

    The unknown cause of death is more worrying than death itself.

  • August 27th, 2021

    Freedom lies in giving others the freedom.

  • August 26th, 2021

    We are not as miserable and as happy as we show to the world.

  • August 25th, 2021

    Your own sweat is the sweetest reward of your hard work.


  • August 24th, 2021

    A fake strength outside makes us ever more fragile inside.


  • August 23rd, 2021

    You can live with a mistake, not when you repeat it twice.


  • August 22nd, 2021

    The cost of name and fame is peace.

  • August 21st, 2021

    Being out of the ‘in’ thing is the real thing.

  • August 20th, 2021

    Fear of missing out results in missing out more things than those you fear missing out.

  • August 19th, 2021

    Change is good but don’t change so much that you fail to recognize yourself.

  • August 18th, 2021

    I wanted attention and so I stopped paying them attention.

  • August 17th, 2021

    I am not sure which is more powerful. Knowing more or ignoring more.

  • August 16th, 2021

    In my view, your view is wrong. This is the essence of all discussions.

  • August 15th, 2021

    If you keep focusing on your weakness, you may at best enter the competition. Building upon your strength will get you Gold.

  • August 13th, 2021

    Too much comfort will eventually make you uncomfortable. Challenges will help you stay agile.

  • August 12th, 2021

    Sometimes you win by fighting. Sometimes, by surrender.

  • August 11th, 2021

    Less is more only if you want less.

  • August 10th, 2021

    Delayed gratification brings instant peace.

  • August 9th, 2021

    Stop wasting time in defending your actions. Increase your executions.

  • August 8th, 2021

    The difference between faith and hope is that faith is absolute.

  • August 7th, 2021

    Only if we stop looking at ourselves we can see the beauty in the world.

  • August 6th, 2021

    Punctuality is a quality which is underrated.

  • August 5th, 2021

    All guilts are not bad. Some of them brings out the best in you.

  • August 4th, 2021

    We must understand the concept of ‘marginal benefit’ if we wish to achieve superlative growth along with freedom of time.

  • August 3rd, 2021

    The closest way to predict the future is to take a hint from history.

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