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  • angels of God

    August 3rd, 2020

    Some people are born to live for others. Even if they can live a comfortable life, they go out of their way to help others. No, they don’t do it for rewards and recognition. In fact, they avoid the limelight. They live a simple life but they help people become extraordinary personalities. They don’t solicit others to take their advice but always available when someone look for their guidance. In this selfish world, they are the angels of God.

  • engage in things that gives us happiness

    August 2nd, 2020

    Everything is measured in success. So unfortunate. After a while, what starts as a passion becomes a burden because of the pressure created by the environment around us. Even if we deducted to the cause, we succumb to the way people judge us. But then, isn’t this also a self created issue? If we are not bothered how the world perceives us and our work is judged, we can continue to engage in things that gives us happiness. Why allow others to rate our passion? Everyone’s happiness quotient could be different. Isn’t being happy good enough?

  • Life is a mix of sweet and sour episodes

    August 1st, 2020
    Life is a mix of sweet and sour episodes. The sequence and duration keeps on fluctuating. It requires little effort and management when times are good. It is how you navigate the tough times, defines who you are. What is to be seen is whether it breaks you or you stay strong. Never concede but fighting may not be the best choice always. Sometimes, staying calm and lying low while the storm passes could be a good way to handle tough times. Respect the opponent and it might do less harm. And when nothing works, leave it to the almighty. It rarely disappoints.

  • Few live to make other lives meaningful

    July 31st, 2020

    When people come for your advice, offer them what you think is best for them. Even if they can beat you in your own game, let it be. When people trust you and bet their life on your advice, you have a lot of responsibility. Even if one such life leads a great life by implementing your advice, it will be worth it. It will require a lot of courage to do this. Initially, you will think it’s a bad idea. When you grow older, it will seem to be the only thing worth doing. Everyone thinks of becoming great. Few live to make other lives meaningful.

  • Give them life

    July 30th, 2020

    Do not dig deep into other people’s life. It will only result in more trouble. Everyone has a past. Some of it is not worthy of being talked about. It doesn’t mean that person should stand trial for it in the present. It is easy to find mistakes and become judgemental. Also, before you do it, go deep down the memory lane and ask yourself; are you clean? What if someone else question you on the lesser known things about you? So, stay clear of other people’s past. Give them life.

  • The motivation you give to others can encourage yourself

    July 29th, 2020

    Sometimes, it is not about money. Many a times, it is about living your passion. It is about doing something which can inspire other lives and benefit the mankind. Sometimes, a smile you bring on someone’s face can light up your own. The motivation you give to others can encourage yourself. You cannot value it in monetary terms. Sometimes, it may be difficult to justify such acts. But then, justification is required by those who judge others, not by those who are independent in their thoughts.

  • The credit will be all yours

    July 28th, 2020

    It will merge together all at once. Years of hard work and your relationships will suddenly combine together and create a new peak for you. Even you wouldn’t be able to see it coming. It will take you to a different tangent. The growth will come in a multiplier effect. You will become the centre of attraction. You will wonder how it all happened. Don’t be surprised. It won’t be a miracle. The credit will be all yours. While you are too focussed on your work, the world is looking at you. One day the curtains will be lifted and you will find the audience waiting for you.

  • Success is addictive

    July 27th, 2020

    Success is addictive. In the beginning he did everything to get noticed. He tried every trick to get ahead. He played around with the rules. Conflict of interest was part of his everyday life. And soon he had the eyeballs on him. Along with it came self awareness. The price he paid for his success. The intentional mistakes he did. And the glitter of public attention faded away. He changed gears. Success too a back seat. Doing things the right way became the focus. Helping others took center stage. And he was happy, coz he could mend his ways before his time was over.

  • he found himself

    July 26th, 2020

    They taught him to be positive. They told him to be optimistic. And he became one. So much so that he forgot his real self. To be hurt or feel pain became a sin for him. He was a symbol of inspiration and hope for many. And he lived that way. Decades passed. Yet, he became hollow with time. Tired from within. The originality was lost. He was like a machine. He thought he could go on and on. He couldn’t. And then he cried. And then he caressed his wounds. And then he met his soul. They hugged each other. And he found himself.

  • He suddenly found peace

    July 25th, 2020

    It was drizzling. He was sitting in the balcony watching the greenary far away. It started raining heavily and made the sight far away hazy. He then focussed on the raindrops. And a thought emerged in his mind. A moment ago they belonged to the skies. A moment later they were seperated for ever. Still, they weren’t upset. Infact, they were happy to find their new home, the earth. They seemed to accept the change. And his focus shifted to his own life and his past. He suddenly found peace.

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