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  • It is so peaceful to stay in the present

    July 24th, 2020

    Some days are exciting. Some days are boring. Mostly I feel optimistic but at times, I am surrounded by pessimism. Sometimes, I look into the future with hope. Sometimes, I get lost going down the memory lane. I make no effort to change my mood. I let all this happen on its own. Nothing stays. No matter how I feel today, it changes tomorrow. I have realized, trying to change my mood forcibly makes no sense and it doesn’t last long. It is so peaceful to stay in the present. I haven’t surrendered to the circumstances. I have learnt to respect them.

  • Freedom

    July 23rd, 2020

    Finally, I am able to do it. I am able to speak and suggest things which might impact me negatively but is good for people, industry and the world at large. I do not mind sharing what I know. I am also upfront in suggesting ideas which can actually throw me out of business but that’s what I think would be better for the industry. I do not defend my actions. Rather, I question them. It did affect me in the beginning. But it gave me a new thing. Freedom.

  • He became a comedian

    July 22nd, 2020

    He was unknown. Even he thought why he existed. People used to laugh at him. He felt so miserable. Circumstances were tough and out of no choice he made it his profession. He became a comedian. People still laughed at him. Slowly and slowly he refined his craft and now people started laughing because of his skills. He became a sensation. His worst nightmares became the source of his unimaginable success. And one day he left everyone. And everyone cried.

  • Flow with time

    July 21st, 2020

    It is such a paradox. We spend our entire life thinking about money and working hard for success. At the fag end of life, both these things have little relevance. At this point, people generally think about the little pleasures of life which didn’t even cost money and were not dependent on how successful we were. However, everything is important at different stages in life. If we do not make money or achieve success, we might consider ourselves a failure and develop inferiority complex. Flow with time. That’s the best way to live.

  • Aim for the best

    July 20th, 2020

    Upgrade yourself. There are enough takers of quality. In fact, at a premium. Improve your product. Improve your services. Get submerged into it. Give your soul into it. Sometimes it may happen quickly. Sometimes, it might be work in progress for life. It is still worth it. This is possible only if you like what you do. You will never get bored. Aim for the best. You will never regret even if you fall short of the outcome you expected. End of the day what will be matter is; you gave it your best shot.

  • become a motivator

    July 19th, 2020

    The best way to stay motivated is to become a motivator. When you become a source of inspiration for others, you can’t afford to concede to pessimism. When people look upon you to get their dose of positivity, you automatically have to keep your energy high. So, lead the way for others and you will find your own way. Get so busy to lift others that you never fall down yourself. It is alright to depend on someone else to find your own spark. It is even better to set a spark in other people’s life.

  • clapping for someone else

    July 18th, 2020

    There are people who do not get due credit or are underestimated for what they do in life. And they never ask for it. Actually, they never even think about it. For them, being recognised or being talked about has no relevance. They are so engrossed their whole life in their job that they hardly care about anything else. Mothers, Homemaker’s, caregivers, teachers, social workers, and many others. Let’s show some appreciation to these people. Sometimes, we feel nice not just by being appreciated but by clapping for someone else.

  • It’s a matter of priority

    July 17th, 2020

    It is so contrary to our liking. We spend the entire day attending to people, clients, social causes and others. What is left is attending to self. As the day end, we promise to change the routine from tomorrow. We fail. Things continue as before and after a few weeks and months we again commit to change. We fail again. It never worked over decades. There is no excuse. It’s a matter of priority. It’s a matter of choice.

  • The mind is the ultimate weapon

    July 16th, 2020

    The mind is the ultimate weapon. It depends which way you use it. It can either kill your enemies or be self destructive. If you keep your thoughts positive, it will act as a shield and protect you. If you let your mind control you and harbor negative thoughts, it will slowly make you your own prisoner. The mind can give you the power to lift mountains or can make you so weak that you can’t even stand on your own feet. It’s all within you. Take control.

  • I am doing everything for myself

    July 15th, 2020

    A big secret has been revealed to me. Whatever I do, I do it for myself. For known satisfaction and happiness. Ever since I have understood this, I make no noise about my life, work and the so called impact I am creating on others. It’s all because I enjoy doing it. If I am helping anyone, I am helping myself. If I brought a smile on someone’s face, I was one whose soul smiled. If care I about someone, it feels like I am caring about myself. And I am doing everything for myself, there is no point talking about it.

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