Public Speaking Ideas

  • Public Speaking

    Public speaking could be for a large audience, an informal gathering or even in a small group of people.

  • Pre Requisites

  • Prepare Well

    Nothing beats preparation.

  • Dress appropriately

    As per the event

  • Opening the Talk

  • Greet the organisers/ dignitories/crowd

    Get acquainted with the environment and presence of people beforehand

  • Start with a humor

    It’s good to be funny about yourself.

  • Tell a story / Use a reference

    Connect your talk with a story or a reference

  • Key Things

  • Look at everyone

    Move your eyes to cover the audience

  • Keep it Short

    It’s the golden rule. Keep it shorter than you are alloted.

  • Be slow

    Unless your style is fast.

  • Don’t read your entire speech

    Speak from heart or write down / Refer bullet points

  • Talk Positive

    Don’t be too much negative or critical unless need of the hour.

  • Use Statistics / References

    It helps affirm your points

  • Start & end on time

    It’s a must

  • Avoid / Ignore These Things

  • Hostile People

    There will always be some. Don’t pay too much attention to them

  • Panics / Fumbles

    Everybody fumbles & panics. Ignore it. Move ahead.

  • Don’t talk too much about yourself

    Nobody likes to hear about you unless you are ‘SOMEBODY’

  • Closing

  • Summarize

    Quickly summarize your talk

  • Challenge the crowd

    People need a leader. Give them a challenge.

  • Close on a Positive Note

    Always be bullish about the future

  • Use a punchline / quote

    Close it with a strong message

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