Time Management Ideas

  • Biggest Time Eaters

  • Phone calls

    Cut down to half. Then cut it to half again.

  • TV

    Watch less TV. Zero is better.

  • Newspaper

    Read it less. Zero is better.

  • Socializing

    It’s mostly for ego boosting. Cut it.

  • Commuting

    Do less commuting…anyhow.

  • Meetings

    They are mostly useless. Avoid most of them.

  • Committees

    Get out of them. No body cares what you have to say.

  • Playing Games on Mobile/Internet

    Stop it completely.

  • Business Strategies

    Most of it doesn’t work. Cut down on it.

  • Work Related Travel

    Travel less. It takes a toll on health too.

  • Other Time Eaters

  • Multitasking

    Stop it. It doesn’t work

  • Being a Perfectionist

    Stop now. 90% is good enough.

  • Being a ‘Yes’ Person

    Learn to say ‘No’.

  • Emails

    Do it just a few times a day.

  • Suggestions

  • Instant Messaging

    Ignore groups. Keep it one to one only.

  • Make Calls During Commuting

    It will save a lot of time

  • No Interruption Time

    Create 1-2 hours of uninterrupted block of time every day and do the most important activity.

  • Let Go

    You can’t achieve everything in 24 hours. You must learn what to let go

  • First Things First

    Do the most important task first thing in the morning

  • Best Use of Time

  • Spend Time With Family

    Play with your kids. Talk to your parents & spouse.

  • Take More Holidays

    This is what you will always remember.

  • Sleep 7-8 Hours a Day

    It will re-energise you

  • Eat Without Interruptions

    Eat slowly. Enjoy your food.

  • Ask For Help

    You will be surprised how fast you can get things done

  • Hobby

    Develop a hobby

  • Exercise / Walk

    30 mins / 4 days a week is good


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