Thought of the Day

  • February 10th, 2015

    Play the game, not the opponents.

  • February 9th, 2015

    When you take a few steps forward, the world will try to pull you back. When you go miles ahead, the same world will push you to achieve more.

  • February 8th, 2015

    If you don’t think it is tough, it becomes easy.

  • February 7th, 2015

    No matter how bitter the truth is today, one day it will give peace. No matter how sweet a lie is today, it is bound to become bitter one day.

  • February 6th, 2015

    If you have to walk a thousand steps to achieve a goal, self belief of doing it in itself is equal to five hundred.

  • February 5th, 2015

    What you get dies with you.What you give remains forever.

  • February 4th, 2015

    If you can read the past well, you can see the future clearly.

  • February 3rd, 2015

    Fail your target. Overshoot them.

  • February 2nd, 2015

    I don’t understand life; I understand love. Let life understand me.

  • February 1st, 2015

    Your mission is incomplete in life till the time you make ten people who become better than you. Hundred is even better.

  • January 31st, 2015

    In the long run, there are no short term advantages.

  • January 30th, 2015

    There is power in routine. What matters is what is your routine.

  • January 29th, 2015

    Love is the biggest magnet which attracts the person you love.

  • January 28th, 2015

    Clean your motives inside to shine in the outside world.

  • January 27th, 2015

    Pursuing your interest is worth more than a fortune made by doing things you don’t like.

  • January 26th, 2015

    Price yourself not by hours but by expertise.

  • January 25th, 2015

    When you want more, you remain poor. When the purpose is to give, you feel abundance.

  • January 24th, 2015

    Don’t rush to a conclusion until you are sure. Giving benefit of doubt to the other person can often protect relationships.

  • January 23rd, 2015

    Don’t hurry. Waiting makes it beautiful.

  • January 22nd, 2015

    Narrow your focus to widen your reach.

  • January 21st, 2015

    Do it for yourself.If not, do it for the world. If not, do it for someone you love.

  • January 20th, 2015

    Use your fire within to light the world outside.

  • January 19th, 2015

    When you promise, you may not do.When you do, you need not promise.

  • January 18th, 2015

    Time breaks everything.Time heals everything.

  • January 17th, 2015

    Some things can be achieved with speed. For others you must have the patience to wait.

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