The world will follow

Posted on 5th May, 2016 | | 1719 Views | Motivation

There are no fixed rules. Make your own. You can change it too. That’s life for you.

Yet, you need to find an objective. A cause you relate with. A inner desire to make a difference in the world. To learn and then to teach others before you go away. It’s a chain and it’s your turn to take control.

When you engage in an activity, you will get attracted to some other activity as if what you set out to do is not good enough. That’s a trap. Whatever you do, something else will always attract your attention. You must immerse yourself in your belief. You must commit 100% to what drives you. When you do, whatever you do becomes impactful.

There may not be enough time to do many things in one lifetime. Choose a few and dedicate your life to them. Raise your life and then inspire others to do the same. There will not be a perfect time to make a beginning. The best time is now.

Your past is nothing compared to what you can achieve in the future. You need to believe in yourself first. The world will follow. That’s what it does.

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