Motivation (21)

  • Connect The Dots

    By: Rashmi Bansal   

    Pages: 305

    Business, Motivation

    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: Year 2014

    Brief review: The book talks about the inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs without an MBA who dared to find their own path. These stories are a testimony that to follow your dream you don't necessarily have to have a fancy degree or a rich legacy. It takes you through the journey of Sunita, daughter of a government doctor, who built a company of over 200 crores from a scratch. It tells you the story of Kalyan Varma who made a choice to become a wildlife photographer, leaving his job dream job at Yahoo. And many more...

  • Bounce:The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice

    By: Matthew Syed   

    Pages: 268

    Motivation, Sports

    My recommendation: 10 / 10

    Date read: Year 2014

    Brief review: Written by a table tennis champion turned sports reporter, the book makes a strong case that champions are made; not born. You will know more about the he athletes superstition of rituals, the curse of choking, the placebo effect, the myth of child prodigy and the power of 10,000 hours of practice and how a father made all three of his daughters world champions in chess. The book cites several champions and their painstakingly hard journey to become the best. Sports is definitely a subject which motivates a lot of us and this book will match your expectations.

  • Peaks and Valleys

    By: Spence Johnson   

    Pages: 102

    Motivation, Self Help

    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: Year 2013

    Brief review: Life is full of peaks and valleys. In this book you will discover how to stay longer at the peak and get out of the valleys sooner. The author takes you through this journey with the story of a young man.It's natural to have highs and lows in life and we must accept it. We cannot control external events but can control our response to them. Arrogance keeps us away from the peaks. It's short, crisp and too the point. I liked the essence of the book and the way author puts his point across. Strongly recommended.

  • Living the 7 Habits

    By: Stephen Covey   

    Pages: 336

    Inspiration, Motivation

    My recommendation: 7 / 10

    Date read: Before 2013

    Brief review: Stephen Covey wrote one of the finest books of the 20th century, ”7 Habits of highly effective people”. This hook is a compilation of true experiences of people who read that book and used the habits to change their circumstances in real life. Motivational and inspiring.

  • Tough Time Never Last, But Tough People Do

    By: Robert Schuller   

    Pages: 207

    Motivation, Self Help

    My recommendation: 9 / 10

    Date read: Before 2013

    Brief review: It's a powerful self help book. Everyone faces challenging times but tough people stay stronger and never quit. Dr. Schuller lists down the qualities of people who cruise past difficult times and circumstances. The book is full of real life examples which are motivating and inspiring. People of all ages should read this book atleast once.

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