Motivation (21)

  • The Superstar Syndrome

    By: Myra White & Sanjay Jha   

    Pages: 320

    Business, Motivation

    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: 9th Apr'17

    Brief review: A brilliant book. Lots of real life examples of successful people in their own words; how they handled various events and challenging circumstances in their lives. It focuses on the fact that each one of us can become a superstar. I would definitely recommend this book.

  • Personal Excellence

    By: Ken Shelton   

    Pages: 190

    Inspiration, Motivation

    My recommendation: 7 / 10

    Date read: 15th Feb'17

    Brief review: It’s a collection of life defining, motivational articles of top personalities in the world. Short and crisp. Mostly, people say the same things…differently. If you are looking for some good motivational stuff, you can read this book.

  • Talent is never enough

    By: John C Maxwell   

    Pages: 272


    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: 28th Dec'16

    Brief review: A book that makes a strong case that talent may be an additional advantage but it’s not the only thing to be successful. Excellent examples and real life stories. The book identifies 13 attributes which are crucial and equally important for becoming successful. They include belief, passion, focus, courage, responsibility and a few others. John Maxwell has rich experience of knowing the traits of success from his own life and through his engagements with the world's best companies and people.

  • Manual of the Warrior of Light

    By: Paulo Coelho   

    Pages: 268

    Motivation, Self Help

    My recommendation: 6 / 10

    Date read: 5th Nov'16

    Brief review: Paulo Coelho gives life lessons in this book using the synonym 'The warrior of light'. Some key messages in the book - you do not need to be a saint. You do not need endless patience or humility. The one who remains absorbed in the struggle of life can also be said to have renounced the fruit of victory. When we least expect, a new door opens. A good book for beginners.

  • The Winning Way

    By: Harsha Bhogle   

    Pages: 196

    Motivation, Sports

    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: 10th Feb'16

    Brief review: Harsha Bhogle is among the finest in the history of Cricket commentary.  His observation, analysis and sharpness is unparalleled. In this book, authors (Harsha and his wife Anita) dwell upon the recipe of success. They explore as to why some teams keep on winning while others can't keep the momentum going. It's a simple read and you will find some meaningful insights from someone who has witnessed the world's best players from a close angle. The key message in the book is (1) Work ethic is non negotiable (2) Blaming others is a recipe for failure and (3) Hunger, passion and energy are the attributes of success. 

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