Inspiration (12)

  • Life Without Limits

    By: Nick Vijucic   

    Pages: 272

    Biography, Inspiration

    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: Year 2014

    Brief review: Nick was born without any limbs but he is not constrained by his circumstances. He overcame his disabilities and live an independent, rich and fulfilling life. He says - 'Consider it pure joy, whenever you face trials of any kinds'. This book is about coming to terms with his disability, emotional battle and finally, making a choice to live a life without limits. His message is that if you don't get a miracle, become one. He travels around the globe and inspires millions of people by his talks. If Nick can live a good life, we all can. It's about our choice to make the best use of our circumstances. An inspiring and motivating story. It's a book about no arms, no legs and no limits.

  • Living the 7 Habits

    By: Stephen Covey   

    Pages: 336

    Inspiration, Motivation

    My recommendation: 7 / 10

    Date read: Before 2013

    Brief review: Stephen Covey wrote one of the finest books of the 20th century, ”7 Habits of highly effective people”. This hook is a compilation of true experiences of people who read that book and used the habits to change their circumstances in real life. Motivational and inspiring.

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