Reverse life

Posted on 13th May, 2016 | | 2568 Views | Life, Time

I believe in the concept of reverse life. It means, there will come an inflexion point in everyone’s life when we would have lived more than half of our life. From that point our reverse life begins. A life which should then be used to redeem ourselves and give back to the world.

Though no one knows the end but if we take positive inspiration from this fact, we may change the course of our lives for better things. Some may consider this inflexion point to be age 50 or 40 or 30. Even if we expect to live longer, the earlier we consider the inflexion point, the better, since we will have more time to give back and engage in more meaningful things.

We are not going to live forever. We inherited this world and enjoying our stay. Let’s make this place better for our future generations to come. Also, not many who are currently inhabiting this planet is having a good time. Let’s attempt to make their life a little more happier.

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