Realistic people are mediocre. Dreamers are show stoppers.

Posted on 1st June, 2015 | | 1639 Views | Leadership, Motivation

There are some who knows ‘it can’t be done’ and there are some who questions ‘why not?’

There are some who prefer to play within the boundaries and then there are some who erase them. In the game of life, you may save the goal but the excitement is in having a shot at it. Realistic people may win most of the time but it’s dreamers who make the biggest impact on our lives. Reality consumes. Dreamers create. Reality is boredom. Dreaming is fun.

Being realistic comes from past experience and achievements. Dreamers look into the unknown future. Being realistic is playing safe. Dreaming is the real play. Being realistic should just be the starting point and not the goal. When dreams are achieved, they become realistic for the rest of the world. So the question is – you want to live in the past or take a shot at the unknown future.

It is easy to draw inspiration from the past but what is more worthwhile is to become an inspiration for the future.

Remember, realistic people are mediocre. Dreamers are show stoppers.

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