Make peace with your pains. It will make you stronger.

Posted on 9th June, 2015 | | 907 Views | Self Development

Happiness is derived from the Greek word Eudaimonia. But in my understanding happiness derives from pain. Should there be no thirst, there will be no meaning of water. Should there be no darkness, there will be no meaning of light. Should there be no pain, there will be no meaning of happiness.

Who doesn’t have pain? Everybody. Still, we all think our pain is different and more painful. Agreed. After all, who are we to judge someone else’s pain?

Most people simply have grudges and they complain of having pain. Sometimes, pain can be real when we lose someone close or when someone erodes our trust. In life such things will happen. We have to be strong enough to pass through such feelings.

Mostly, the root cause of pain is expectations. We seldom go deep in questioning our own expectations. To have expectation is natural. To have pain is natural too. The important thing is how we handle our pain.

Make peace with your pain. In the course of life they will keep coming in our way to happiness. Treat them as a companion which leads to happiness. It will make you stronger.

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