Love is a journey

Posted on 20th November, 2015 | | 2263 Views | Life, Love

Love can never be measured. With time, the feeling of real love goes in one direction; deeper. There is no destination and no end to love. The virtue of love is infinite.

An important part of love is pain. Sometimes, pain may be the starting point of love. Pain dives deeper in the soul.  Love is a feeling and so is pain. The basis of love is to feel pain and vice versa. We cannot fight pain. We must learn to pass through it, for many a times, love emerges out of pain. To fight pain is to fight love.  It is only when you reach the level of unconditional love, you don’t feel pain anymore. Millions fall in love. Only a few feel it unconditionally.

Sometimes, pain takes the form of revenge. Sometimes, it teaches unconditional love. Revenge ruins life, love makes it worthwhile. The thing is, you can’t choose the result. It is the depth of your feeling which drives the result and to get this depth you must take a dive into it.

Love is a journey. Let it be that way. Don’t seek an end. Enjoy the journey

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