I never lose; I learn

Posted on 29th April, 2015 | | 1022 Views | Motivation, Self Development

I used to hate losing. Whether it was a simple game of sport, a business target or an argument with someone. My ego and emotions used to take over and I mostly ended being hurt. I used to take cover by criticising the other person, find excuses and blaming circumstances. Though, in my mind I knew, the other person was simply better and a step ahead of me.

But my ego and aggression was making it difficult to digest it. It was difficult for me to accept that someone else can be better than me, at least in the area of my interest.

It was one of the most challenging things in my life to overcome, to accept and respect people who were better than me. I had a choice; to remain in pain and be upset or to acknowledge their competence. I chose the later. This experience made me humble too.

Today, I draw inspiration from their hard work, practice and wisdom. It helps me in two ways – It relieves me from the feeling of losing and motivates me to do better. I have learnt that age is no bar to competence, wisdom and expertise.

Now, losing is a word in someone else’s dictionary. For me it is either an inspiration or a lesson that I have to try harder.


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