I don’t want to be rich anymore

Posted on 13th May, 2015 | | 1151 Views | Contribution, Self Development

I was always fascinated with rich people. There was something in them which attracted me. So much so that I promised myself that I will become rich one day.

I knew I had to work hard for this. And I did. Day in and day out, I left no stone unturned to achieve my dream. Finally, the day arrived when I reached the milestone I set myself. I was happy. However, my celebration and happiness were short lived as I saw another set of people who were a little ahead of me, a little richer than me. I stopped my celebration and started running again. I again levelled with them only to see some people ahead of me. It went on quite a few times over.

Finally, I realized. No matter how fast I run, no matter how far I run, there will still be people ahead of me. While I may run ahead most of them, my whole life would have passed in this pursuit, not having time to enjoy and celebrate what I have. I decided, it’s time to stop chasing. While I am still walking, I am not chasing anyone anymore. Rather, I am beginning to feel the abundance around me.

Some call it my weakness. Some call it my contentment. It troubled me initially but not anymore. I found what I wanted. I call it my freedom.

I don’t want to be rich anymore. I am wealthy already.

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