I am taking up 4 challenges in Oct’2017

Posted on 29th September, 2017 | | 1246 Views | Habits, Self Development

I am trying something different this October. I am taking up 4 challenges during the month. Well, actually they are not challenges. It has mostly to do with discipline. Here are they:-


Challenge # 1 :  I will call a friend every day

Over the years I made so many good friendships. It’s time to catch up with many of them.


Challenge # 2 : I will write a blog every day

I have been writing a daily thought since 1st Jan’2013. However, writing a proper blog is a different thing. It takes time. Sometimes a couple of hours. Sometimes even longer. I know all of it won’t make much sense and I won’t publish many of them. Still, I want to test my focus and commitment. This is going to be really really tough.


Challenge # 3 :  I will watch a Ted Talk every day

I love Ted Talks. They are the best and there are tonnes of them. They are inspiring, motivating and informative. It is surely going to be exciting.


Challenge # 4 :  I will google about a country every day

I am not going to do this to write a thesis. I just want to know a little more about a few countries. May be, it will even excite me to visit a few in the future.


That’s it. I will share my experience as I progress. Let the challenge begin.



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