How I read 7 books in 7 days

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Last week I decided to read 7 books in 7 days. And I did it. It was a good experience. I prepared myself a week in advance. I knew it would require a lot of time (typically it takes 3-8 hours to read a book). So, I did a few adjustments to my daily routine. I cut down on my meetings which could be postponed and I scheduled only the most important works on my list for the week. I selected different genres of book to keep it interesting.


List of books I read

Monday, 6th Nov’17 – Marketing 101 – (Author – Don Sexton)

Tuesday, 7th Nov’17– Geeks & Geezers (Author – Warren Bennis & Robert J Thomas)

Wednesday, 8th Nov’17– Walden (Author – Henry David Thoreau)

Thursday, 9th Nov’17 – The Go-Giver (Author – Bob Burg & John David Mann)

Friday, 10th Nov’17– The Daily Drucker (Author – Peter F. Drucker)

Saturday, 11th Nov’17– Switch (Author – Chip Heath & Dan Heath)

Sunday, 12th Nov’17– Superhuman by Habits (Author – Tynan)


What did I learn from this exercise?

  • It’s all in the mind. If we mentally commit to something, we have the power to achieve it.
  • A lot of will power is needed. At times, I felt like quitting but my will power kept me going.
  • We waste a lot of time on procrastination and petty things. A lot of it can be channelized in effective things if we plan it well.
  • While I don’t intend to repeat this activity very often, this exercise made me realize that I can focus on big things for an extended period of time when required.


The week is over and the challenge is over. It’s Monday and I am taking a break for a day from reading.


What are the things you always wanted to do? What’s stopping you? Take a week off and do it now. I promise you, the world is not going to change in 7 days.




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