Charity is anti fragile

Posted on 13th November, 2015 | | 1520 Views | Contribution

It is ironical that we spend a major part of our lives in quest of acquiring something, though the simplest, easiest and the fastest way to get is by way of giving. Those who have experienced this powerful method advocate the idea of giving but people mostly have doubts whether it works. Questions like -What if it doesn’t work? What if I am left behind in the race? What if the world will call me a loser?

Well, there are challenges to overcome this mindset and that is why there are only few who feel enriched by giving rather than by acquiring. Eventually, with age, the power of giving is established in one’s mind but the time left to make an impact goes down. While any time you start on this journey is good, the earlier the better. True wisdom is to see the future today and act on it.

Again, is giving only possible by wealth? Not at all. Giving your time to someone, lifting someone emotionally, empowering a soul or teaching someone a skill; everything is a form of giving if done selflessly. Fortunately, we all are already wealthy in many areas where can we make a difference by giving and sharing. Wealth remains just one of the many ways.

Whatever we acquire during our lifetime is fragile. Charity is anti fragile. It is going to remain long after we go away. It will remain in the lives of people whom you touched. So, build a world which stands on the foundation of ‘giving’. It will remain strong for ever.

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