Buy one, remove one

Posted on 20th September, 2017 | | 651 Views | Habits

A few years ago, one fine morning while getting ready I opened my wardrobe to pick a shirt. And there were so many. I went through the pile of shirts rejecting many of them. Suddenly this thought crossed my mind, ‘WHY THE HELL ALL THESE SHIRTS ARE LYING HERE IF I AM NOT WEARING THEM FOR SO LONG’. This thought remained with me for a few days after which I decided something and started doing it.


“I remove one garment for every new garment bought.”

So, if I buy a shirt, before it gets into my wardrobe, another shirt needs to get out first. Same with t-shirts, jeans and trousers.


It helped me in many ways:-

  • It makes me value my belongings more.
  • It questions the need to buy something new.
  • It curbs the temptation to buy on impulse (though I do it sometimes).
  • There is less clutter in my wardrobe.
  • I take less time to decide what to wear.


After bringing this habit into practice, it now seems there are so many excesses in life. We can do with so very little but we want so much. Slowly but surely, I am trying to extend this thought to other things as well. Like; shoes, frames, belt, purse, etc. Not only this, many new thoughts have started taking shape in my mind with respect to other areas of life too.

From the day I am doing this, I never felt any inconvenience and shortage of options. In fact, each time I think about this I feel a sense of pride.

It is working for me fine. You can give it a try too. What say!!

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One Response to Buy one, remove one

  1. Vinay Kumar Laxman says:
    September 20, 2017 at 9:00 am

    Nice idea…will implement

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