Tools of Titans

By: Tim Ferriss   

Pages: 674

Health, Motivation, Self Help

My recommendation: 10 / 10

Date read: 20th Oct'17

Brief review: I wish I could give it a rating of 11/10. It's an awesome book. Though it's a long read but it's totally worth the time. The book is divided in 3 sections - healthy, wealthy & wise. Unless you are a complete fitness freak, you can skim/skip through the first section about health. It's too micro and too detailed. I almost threw the book after the first 50 pages. I am glad I didn't as the next two section are worth a goldmine. Beside his own thoughts, Tim interviews over 100 world celebrities and summarizes their wisdom. My top 3 takeaways from the book - (1) Make health as #1 priority in life (2) You have limited time on earth. Use it well and do that you can do best. (3) Take chances & believe in yourself. Absolutely a must read for one and all.