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Most people know the right things. Only a few do it.

Posted on 19th October, 2015 | | 1591 Views | Life, Self Development

Man was always intelligent. Add to that, he could think. We could differentiate between the right and the wrong. Sometimes we are taught about it and many a times we know it by experience. However, knowing something and doing it…

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Weekly appointment with worries

Posted on 16th October, 2015 | | 1285 Views | Life, Self Development, Time

We all have worries. However, it’s the ability to deal with worries that differentiates people. Some worries are urgent, some are continuous, some are temporary and some are situational. While there is no ‘one rule that fixes…

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Use the power of time to your advantage

Posted on 12th October, 2015 | | 1161 Views | Self Development, Time

Nothing is more powerful than time. It can crack the strongest mountains, achieve the biggest dreams and heal the deepest wounds. Nobody thought we could fly till one day Wright brothers invented the air machine…

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One more try

Posted on 9th October, 2015 | | 1418 Views | Life, Motivation, Success

There was a time when I would believe that successful people are no different than others but they just got lucky. I would think they were at the right place at the right time simply by chance. One reason of this belief was that I did not want…

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Obstacles are like milestones on your way to success

Posted on 5th October, 2015 | | 1374 Views | Life, Motivation, Success

Did you ever consider winning a lottery as success? I doubt. Since there is no effort made in winning a lottery it remains a bountiful and mostly it is considered luck rather than success. However, when we make our way through challenges and obstacles…

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