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Keep moving

Posted on 6th November, 2015 | | 2749 Views | Life, Motivation

One evening I was supposed to attend my childhood friend’s marriage function which was a bit off my place. We promised to be present in each other’s marriage day function. As I started, I noticed there is not enough fuel…

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Excellence is a result of boring routine

Posted on 2nd November, 2015 | | 1558 Views | Motivation

No one likes to do the routine things. Anything new starts with excitement but soon the interest fades away. We move on to the next thing. This doesn’t yield much. When you do the same thing over and over again…

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The Turn

Posted on 30th October, 2015 | | 1652 Views | Happiness, Self Development

I liked speed. I liked winning. Whether it was a race in the school or a competitive exam; whether it was a business deal or qualifying for a promotion; winning was in my blood. More than my want, it became my habit…

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The Mind or the Heart

Posted on 26th October, 2015 | | 1428 Views | Life, Self Development

So very often, we gather momentum and speed only to find later that we were moving in the wrong direction. So true is this even for the mind and the heart. The mind has the speed but if the direction is not right it can lead you…

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The Hidden Strength

Posted on 23rd October, 2015 | | 1324 Views | Motivation, Self Development

Life plays hide and seek with us. We can all see the challenges around our lives but many of us are unable to find the hidden strength we are blessed with. Rather than complaining about difficulties and obstacles…

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