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  • Great Myth Conceptions

    By: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki   

    Pages: 202

    Non Fiction

    My recommendation: 7 / 10

    Date read: 5th Oct'2018

    Brief review: There are so many myths floating around us. We are believing many of them for ages. Did Einstein failed school? The truth behind low nicotine cigarettes. Is black box really black? The suspense of Bermuda Triangle. Why isn't a quantum leap huge? What 'Cat years' actually mean? The author gives scientific and seemingly justified answers to all this and many more. A good read in your free time.

  • Blink

    By: Malcolm Gladwell   

    Pages: 300

    Non Fiction

    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: 6th June'18

    Brief review: The essence of the book is about our inner instinct of knowing something in a flash (blink of an eye) without having to process loads of data about the subject. We make an opinion about something in a moment without knowing why. 'Blink' gives you interesting accounts of how fire fighters make life saving decisions instantly, how army men make their choices without having sufficient information and how someone can decode your life history by just looking at you for a second. Sometimes, our gut feeling is more effective than cautiously made decisions. An interesting book.

  • Skin In The Game

    By: Nassim Nicholas Taleb   

    Pages: 304

    Non Fiction

    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: 20th May'18

    Brief review: Another masterpiece by Taleb. This is the 4th book of Taleb that I have read. A little different than the previous ones. Taleb says 'your actions and advise makes no sense unless you too have skin in the game'. In today's world, most bureaucrats, politicians, financial advisors, nobel prize winners and many other so called intellectuals take decisions and advise people without being negatively affected by the outcome of their actions. You need time and patience to read and understand Taleb. Could be heavy for first time readers but a brilliant read for regulars. 

  • The Millionaire Next Door

    By: Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko   

    Pages: 273

    Investments, Non Fiction

    My recommendation: 8 / 10

    Date read: 3rd May'18

    Brief review: In this well researched book,  the secrets of millionaires are revealed. How are they made and why a good earning may not necessarily make you a millionaire. Mostly, it's the concept of savings and investments which is responsible for becoming a millionaire. We have to choose between living a flashy lifestyle versus achieving financial independence. Most millionaires restrain from buying expensive cars, high label clothes and other lifestyle goods just for status symbol. They mostly live a frugal but a life of choice. Since the book is based on American culture, a few chapters could be skipped. While a few concepts are overstretched, still it makes a good reading for those looking to achieve financial independence.

  • Vegabonding

    By: Rolf Potts   

    Pages: 224

    Non Fiction

    My recommendation: 7 / 10

    Date read: 13th Apr'18

    Brief review: Vegabonding means a person who wanders from place to place. It generally involves longer duration travel ranging between few weeks to few months to a couple of years. Rolf Potts is a vegabonder. He advocates to discover and experience the world on your own terms. He once traveled for 18 months straight with an average cost of under $1,000 a month. In the book he shares the idea behind vegabonding, developing a mindset to travel long and gives several  execution tips. The first section of the book is specially inspiring wherein he makes a strong case of travelling more. He strongly recommends to cut costs on things we don't need and use it for travel. Having a money rich and time poor person is worthless. 

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