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  • Balanced life is superficial

    April 15th, 2016

    Living a balanced life can be superficial thing. Though I like a balanced life, at times, I love going extremes. A balanced life can sometimes become a boring life. To bring balance it becomes necessary to go extremes. In fact, the fun and advantage of balance is when you experience the extremes. A way to look at it is that when you do opposite extremes, you essentially balance it out. Some live a calculated balanced life. Some achieve the balance by testing the extremes in all direction. Define your own balance.

  • Good guys and bad guys

    April 13th, 2016

    There are good guys and bad guys out there. Good guys are prospective and positive. They shun the limelight. The world runs because of them. Whereas, the bad guys feed on the good guys. They are negative, criticises the good guy and prefers the spotlight. They exist because of the good guys. They want to kill the good guys unknown that this will eventually eradicate their own breed. Till the mankind exists, they both will exist. It’s our choice who we want to be be.

  • He takes less time

    April 12th, 2016

    He takes less time. To decide even when faced with the most challenging and complex situations. This is because he thinks clean and straight. His style is not to squeeze the maximum from the other person. He prefers to leave the juice on the table. Many consider him not to be a good negotiator. He doesn’t care because he places fairness, trust and win win situation much above a little more gain. Over time this has worked for him. He has grown his empire and has an enviable repute. Now people call him a good negotiator. They still don’t get it. He doesn’t negotiate. He is just fair to the other person and people love to deal with him.

  • Positivity is infectious

    April 11th, 2016

    Some people are positive. Extremely positive. They look for the good in every situation. Not that they are not concerned with challenging circumstances, but they know something good must be hiding somewhere. There positivity is infectious. It influences people around and the world. Being positive is a state of mind. It comes from a deep sense of realisation that we possess immense power to overcome every unwanted situation. Positive people know that in every crisis lies an opportunity.

  • Take people along

    April 10th, 2016

    Growth is life. We must progress. But not alone. It’s important that we take people along with us. The first step may be to move forward. The second step must be to hold back and help someone move up. Success is worth a lot more when we help many others taste success.

  • The friendship pledge

    April 9th, 2016

    Friendship is a bliss and we all are blessed to have friends. Some have few and some many. While you may have many but you may be among the few for some. Take special care of them. Friendship is a bond which can never break. If it does, it never was. Remember, when you make a friend, you pledge your life.

  • Never compete with anyone else

    April 8th, 2016

    Never compete with anyone else. When you do, you can at best, out do that person. This may give you an ego boost but there is a catch. When you compete with someone, you somehow tend to match yourself with the other person’s vision and performance. This will limit your own world and enormous potential that you have. If at all you wish to compete, be your own competitor. Don’t limit yourself. Beat your own benchmark and set bigger ones. This will be far more satisfying and you will be able to unlock your full potential.

  • Challenges are not obstructions

    April 7th, 2016

    When we become complacent God throws challenges on us. This is not to penalise but to come out of our comfort zones and keep moving. Challenges are not obstructions. They are often opportunities disguised in form of obstacles. So, the next time when you find that things are not going right, gear yourself up. Take challenges head on. That will make things better than before.

  • One life

    April 6th, 2016

    One life. That’s it. And it’s passing by. Are you on track? If not, what’s stopping you? You deserve to live a life of choice. Don’t chase success. Chase your dreams. That’s were happiness is. That’s where satisfaction is. Align your life to fulfil your dreams. Don’t worry too much about tomorrow. Future will always be uncertain. You know what you want. Now go all out after them. Live a dream life.

  • Our motives

    April 5th, 2016

    Our motives induce us to do what we do. Actions are nothing but slave to motives. Check your motives. Talk to yourself. Go to the depth of your motives. If required, rub your motives. It will clean your actions.

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