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  • Take responsibility of your life

    November 1st, 2015

    You have a choice; always. What you are today is because of the choices you made earlier. What you become or where you reach in future will be shaped by the choices you make today. No one decides your fate. You do. No one forces you. You choose to accept the force. Yes, we are connected and sometimes we are in dilemma as to how much weight we need to give to our relationship with people and the world around us. But that’s also a choice you make. Take responsibility of your life. Take responsibility of the choices you make.

  • You will become expensive

    October 31st, 2015

    Be fair. Sometimes, you will even have to pay a price for being fair. People will take advantage of you. That’s the way it is. Your acquaintances and well wishers will advise you to be practical rather than being fair. Don’t listen to them. Be fair instead. In the beginning it will be expensive to be fair. But once you become fair in the eyes of the world, you will become expensive.

  • Let people laugh

    October 30th, 2015

    Let people laugh. Let people ridicule you. Let them talk ill behind you. That’s what onlookers do while the real heroes spend time on grinding themselves. It needs the highest degree of commitment, hard work, focus, determination and discipline to achieve success. The world will initially discard your idea and your potential to achieve big things. Keep your tempo on. Don’t stop. The more people try to pull you down, the more you should push yourself up. So, are you ready for the challenge?

  • Live for a day

    October 29th, 2015

    Leave work early. Have a sip of coffee alone. Help a man cross the road. Walk the street dancing. Meet a friend. Laugh out loud. Be mad. Fly a kite. Walk up the tallest building. Be a fool. Give a damn. Sing a song. Cry a little. Break the routine. Sleep before the dusk. Live for a day. At least a day. In your own way.

  • Be yourself

    October 28th, 2015

    Let me warn you. When you start on your vision, your mind will wander. You will have distractions. You will find someone doing bigger and better than you. That will always be the case. You will want to copy them, emulate them, become a story like them. Don’t. You are different. You are made to make something different. Its not always about size. Its also about the impact. Pursue something which doesn’t just stand today and tomorrow but can withstand the test of time, decades and centuries later. Be yourself.

  • He refused

    October 26th, 2015

    He got a promotion. A different role. But he refused. He didn’t mind a promotion but not at the cost of giving away the work he loved to do. Even if the changed responsibility was more prestigious and would have given more growth with time. He doesn’t work for money. He works for satisfaction. He was a gardener among many others. He used to water the trees. Take the weeds out. Give life to samplings. Now he was promoted to manage other gardeners. It would mean he needed to instruct others but can’t dirty his own hands with mud any more. He loved it. And so, he refused.

  • Are you happy?

    October 25th, 2015

    Are you happy? Ask your inner self whether you are happy or not. List down things that will make you happy. Go after them. Happiness is a choice and you must exercise this choice. Life is short. Don’t spend it cribbing and complaining. Find a reason to be happy and you will get one. You deserve it.

  • Extraordinary results

    October 24th, 2015

    To get extraordinary results in life, you have to do a little extra. There is no other secret. Sometimes, you won’t get any money for it. Sometimes, there won’t be any appreciation for it. But if you keep doing a little extra, it will all add up to something big over a period of time. Eventually, your rewards will come in abundance. Do a little more for your customers. Work a little more for your employer. Do a little more for your body. This is the simplest way to get extraordinary results.

  • It’s not always about winning

    October 23rd, 2015

    Are you playing it safe in life? Agreed, by playing safe you won’t lose. But you won’t win either. It’s only when you reach the end you will regret having played safe. It is only then you will feel playing safe was actually like losing the game. You might not get a second chance. Move ahead. Go for the kill. You may end up without a goal. But you will still be happy that you took the shot.

  • Shoot at your dream

    October 21st, 2015

    There are some who think ‘it can’t be done’ and there are some who question ‘why not?’ There are some who prefer to play within the boundaries and then there are some who create their own playground. In the game of life, you may save the goal but the excitement is in having a shot at it. Being realistic is playing safe. Dreaming is the real play. Change your role. Don’t preserve your dream, shoot at it.

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