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  • Keep working hard

    June 21st, 2018

    Are you upset that things are not moving for so long? Stay put. Wait a little more. Keep working hard. Continue with your routine. The fruits are getting ripe for you. May be, they will all come at once. Life is not linear. Things will seldom happen uniformly. There will be a patch of sad days and then happiness will arrive with all its beauty. There will be times of no growth and then you will suddenly get a jump. May be, you are in the final stage of waiting. Don’t give up. Wait a little more.

  • Meaning of love

    June 20th, 2018

    She killed his ego. He was almost dead. He thought he loved her deeply. No, he didn’t. He had feelings for her but It was more of a dominance. He was possessive, not passionate. He was insecure. She knew it but never confronted him. She loved without a purpose. He was very demanding. It came to the point of breaking up. She held herself strong. She didn’t fear the future. Her love was unconditional. Bit by bit he crashed. He realised; what he thought was his right was infact his ego. Only after his ego died, he surrendered to her. Only then, he understood the meaning of love.

  • Be strong

    June 19th, 2018

    All my life I gave them authority in my life. I listened to them. I thought they know better than me. I tried to walk their way. It didn’t work out. Slowly but surely, I realised they knew nothing. It was my mistake to follow them all the while. Finally, I quit their group and started taking my own decisions. They became furious and predicted my downfall. I was apprehensive in the beginning but managed to inch forward. I understood; the world preys on the weaker man. The day I became strong, they left me in search of another weaker soul. Be strong.

  • Having fun on way is better

    June 18th, 2018

    The straight line is the most boring. While it can get you to your destination faster, it is the least exciting. Take a de-tour instead. Keep your goal in sight but make the journey a little fun. Take a pause in between. Explore things. Who knows; you might get inspired to pursue something different. May be, go for a long solo trip every few years. May be, try a different profession. May be, take a sabbatical from work and learn a new skill. Reaching the destination is good. Having fun on way is better.

  • Journey is exciting

    June 17th, 2018

    It’s good to have a little less. Imagine your life to be complete and you will have no excitement to wake up tomorrow. If you have no problems to solve, all your expertise will stand useless. If you don’t miss someone, the meaning of love will remain elusive to you. If all your wish comes true, you will lose your dreams. Respect what you don’t have. It will make you respect what you have. Remember; when you reach the end, it’s over. It’s the journey that’s exciting.


  • Respond properly

    June 16th, 2018

    Respond properly. Don’t keep people on hold. That’s your moral obligation. Honour your time commitment made to others. Yes, your time is precious but it doesn’t give you the right to make others wait. You may be powerful. You may be busy. It makes it all the more important that you treat others well. Your success and humility will make you respected. Your power with arrogance will make you despised. When you finally leave, your ego will be shattered. It’s better to cut it now. You have been blessed with a good life. Make others feel wanted. Inspire them with your living.


  • I am so irrelevant

    June 15th, 2018

    I am so irrelevant. Still, I make so much of effort to being noticed. I don’t understand why I have this urge to be famous. To be known as better than most. Why can’t I just live a peaceful life. When I help one person why do I shout out loud to the world as if I made a difference to millions of people. I have a tendency to blow my achievements out of proportion. It seems I have an identity crisis. It pains to accept this but my happiness is dependent on other people’s view about me. The only good thing is that; I am coming to terms with life that I am so so irrelevant in this world to make a noise.


  • Do your best every day

    June 14th, 2018

    There is no rocket science. To live well is to live every day. When you do this you construct a quality life; brick by brick, day by day. Finally, in the end when you look back, you will feel proud of doing justice to your presence in the human body. Yesterday is over and the future is unknown. The only control you have is today. Do your best every day. Live as if it’s going to be the last day of your life. To best way to inspire the whole world is to be inspired by your own living.


  • Respect the turn of events in life

    June 13th, 2018

    A dip is a must to rise again with force. You can’t rise and rise without going down once in a while. So, treat your fall as an opportunity to scale new heights. Every time you slip, introspect the reason and take corrective action. This will help your fall to be smaller and rise to be higher. It will contract the dull period and expand the growth phase. It is not limited to career and finance. It applies even to relationships. Respect the turn of events in life. If you do, life will too reciprocate.


  • Wait for the opportunity

    June 12th, 2018

    Hang on. It’s never over. Wait for the opportunity to fight back. It will come just when everyone thinks it is over. Prepare yourself for that moment to strike back with all your power. Fear feeds on signs of weakness. Be strong even when things are looking bleak. That’s your only weapon to win. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. Keep moving so that you don’t show signs of weakness. Sometimes, even the evil forces respects our resolve to stand strong in times of adversity and they step back. Remember, it’s never over.

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