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  • Stress and Happiness

    January 21st, 2019

    The benchmark of success is flawed. We give a very high weightage to success and wealth people acquire but we attach little value to good health and freedom of time. We bow down to people who command power but pay little respect to someone who lives a humble and disciplined life. We need to change the matrix of how we recognise a good life. We need to properly account for stress and happiness. We must distinguish between acquiring power to control and giving selfless service to needy. It’s time we give due credit to people who signify a life a choice rather than being a slave of society.

  • Champion all his life

    January 20th, 2019

    The ball was now in his court. He could hit it anywhere. The match was almost over. Still, he played his shot in such a way as to give his opponent a chance. He lost. Or did he? It was all his game plan. To let the other person win. He started doing this in a subtle way in every sphere of life; friends, family, work place and society. He was a true champion all his life. He achieved un-paralleled success. There was nothing left to prove. His objective shifted from being a winner to creating more winners. He got criticism for going down under because not everyone understood his plan. It didn’t bother him. He knew; it was time for him to step down and let others take the crown.

  • Work silently

    January 19th, 2019

    As a human we search for an identity in front of the world. For this, a lot of times, we shout out loud to make others feel our presence. We over emphasize the importance of work we are doing. We exaggerate our achievements. We showcase our possessions which is considered as being successful. We do all this so that we don’t fall behind others. Infact, this whole exercise in itself is a losing proposition. Our quest to find an identity itself proves that we lack it. The only way to find a place in the world is to leave the urge for it and focus on self development. The ironical thing is; when you talk, they don’t pay attention and when you work silently, they get in queue to learn from you.

  • Nothing beats hard work

    January 18th, 2019

    Nothing beats hard work. Nothing smells sweeter than sweat. It’s not always about achieving something. It’s about personal satisfaction of giving our best. For some people working through several days and night is like the best leisure time they have. The excitement of creating something meaningful gives the biggest kick. When attempting what is called impossible doesn’t make us fearful, we have the best chance to crack it. When we are driven with a purpose of transforming the world, the work becomes a playground.

  • Everyone wants to be loved

    January 17th, 2019

    Everyone is busy trying to get appreciation for things they don’t deserve. Rather, if they focused on their skills, recognition would come on it’s own. Everyone is busy talking to prove their point. Rather, if they could listen with intent, they would be able to learn from the other person viewpoint. Everyone wants to be loved. Rather, if they could learn to care unconditionally, they would find true love within. Somehow, we have chosen to take the longer route for the things we want. The easier way is to give and we will get in abundance.

  • Tomorrow may never come

    January 16th, 2019

    Life is made of years. Years are made of months. Months are made of weeks and weeks are made of days. If we take care of our days; our weeks, months, years and life would be taken care of by itself. A day seems small but what we repeatedly do everyday eventually designs our life. Decades later, what we become and what we get is simply a factor of how we spent our days in the years preceding it. It is also important to live fully today because tomorrow may never come. No matter how we see it, today is the most important day in life, always.

  • He worked hard

    January 15th, 2019

    He was popular. His shows went houseful. No doubt, he was a good performer too. The audience went wild during his performances. He also worked hard to refine his art. With time, he got better. With time, something changed in his music too. It got deeper. It connected a lot more. He performed on stage as if he is the only one in the auditorium. His composition became intense. He shunned the spotlight. Now there is complete silence during his performance. Now the audience claps with tears in their eyes. Now there are no words, just his music. Now he became an icon. Now he lives anonymously.

  • Don’t look back

    January 14th, 2019

    The outer motivation doesn’t work. It needs to come from within. You need to have fire in the belly. First, you have to dream about it. Then you have to work so hard that you don’t even have time to sleep. That’s how dreams become reality. There will be times you would think about giving up. Don’t. Instead, double your speed. The very same people who backed you will back out. Don’t look back. Walk alone but walk forward. The world will doubt you but it doesn’t matter as long as you believe in yourself. When you take up the challenge, the opposition gives up.

  • True champions of life

    January 13th, 2019

    Some people don’t leave a trace behind. Even if you know for sure, you will be left confused. They will smile and laugh and engage in such a manner that you can never imagine the pain they harbour within. They are an expert in hiding what they are going through in life. No matter how hard you try to look, you can’t find it on their face, their words and their outlook. They don’t believe in making you sad with their story. Their hurt has made them a messenger of happiness for others. They are the true champions of life. Let us learn from them. Let us apply it in our lives.

  • Freedom of time

    January 12th, 2019

    The most common belief and approach of people to gain respect and recognition is to acquire wealth. Therefore, they spend their entire life in pursuit of money. What is surprising is; on their way they seek guidance of wise people who may not be wealthy. They respect souls who dedicate their life serving the under-privileged. They are envious of people who may not own a fortune but have freedom of time. Money is not a bad thing but giving it too much weight in life burdens the man himself. It’s worth exploring other means to find meaning in life.

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